What actor or actors, do you own the most movies of?

Samuel L Jackson, 18

Ewan McGregor-13

Gary Oldman and Jeremy Renner-12

Chrisitan Slater-10
Don't have them around to count but easily Clint Eastwood and Kurt Russell. After that it would probably be DeNiro or Pacino.
Samuel L Jackson is not so much a surprise, but Gary Oldman is, but really shouldn't be. He does pick pretty good movies to be in. I still love him in Leon the most, and maybe The Fifth Element close behind.
Sylvester Stallone 12
(Rocky 1-6, Rambo 1-4, Demolition Man, Judge Dredd)

Arnold Schwarzenegger 6
(Terminator 1-3, Total Recall, The Running Man, Batman & Robin)

Christian Bale 4
Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, American Psycho, Equilibrium)

Samuel Jackson 4
(Star Wars Prequels, The Avengers)

John Travolta 3
(Saturday Night Fever, Staying Alive, Face/Off)

Christopher Reeve 4
(Superman 1-4)
An interesting question. I tend to buy/categorize my movies more by genre rather than actor. I mean, I have the entire Friday The 13th franchise on DVD, but the actors change in every movie, even when the characters don't. I can try and list a few.

Arnold Schwarzenegger (Conan 1 & 2, Red Sonja)
Harrison Ford (Star Wars OT)
Ewan McGregor (Star Wars PT)
Samuel L Jackson (Star Wars PT)
Kane Hodder (Friday The 13th 7, 8, JGTH, and Jason X)
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (Scorpion King, Walking Tall, The Rundown, Faster)
Hulk Hogan (No Holds Barred, Mr Nanny, Suburban Commando)
If we include TV series Sara Michelle Gellar (Buffy Seasons 1 through 7)
Tom Welling (Smallville Seasons 1 through 5)
Christopher Lee (Attack Of The Clowns, Revenge Of The S#!t, and the LOTR Trilogy)
Jamie Lee Curtis (Halloween 1 & 2, Halloween: H20)
Before my Harry Potter collection was stolen, I would've added Warwick Davis (Willow, Return Of The Jedi, and the entire HP series)

That's all I can think of right now.
i'm pretty sure Sly Stallone for me

Rocky 1-6, Rambo 1-4, Cobra, Demolition Man, Cliffhanger, Expendables, Assassins
I'm not entirely sure about this, but I think it's Robert DeNiro for me simply because I own most of the films he's made with Scorcese. Love me some Scorcese.
It's a toss-up between:

Tom Cruise
Morgan Freeman
Bruce Willis
Tom Hanks
Samuel L. Jackson

All of these guys have at least a dozen movies that we all own.

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