What do you collect?

Superhero comics,(of course) 1:12 scale action figures, and some Legos.
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MOSTLY Superhero and some fantasy Movie Items like the DVD/BLURAYS, action figures, posters
My comic book, graphic novels, which I have and keep stored since childhood, DC Justice League figureines and my blu-ray, dvd collections plus my film making books.
Movie tickets, I don't really do anything with them but I never throw them away.
I was never a big comic reader as a kid, but I am now. So my comic collection is growing every other month or so.
Comic books, anime, Video games, and movies.
I've kept every movie ticket for every film I've seen since 1997. I have literally hundreds of tickets.

Well, not really. Classic Star Wars figures, anything related to kung-fu movies, and as someone mentioned above, fictional corporation t-shirts from movies or TV

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