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Mar 8, 2004
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Guys & their games…
By Margot Carmichael Lester
Here are the facts, ladies. Two-thirds of all men in television-owning households between the ages of 18 and 34 have videogame consoles, according to media research company, Nielsen. That means your chances of going with a gaming guy are pretty high.

What can his choice of gaming system tell you about him? We convened a panel of experts to give you the scoop:
Carl Arinoldo, Long Island, NY-based psychologist
Ed Magnin, chairman, Game & Simulation Programming, DeVry University’s Dallas Metro campus
Ted Owen, CEO, GGL, an online gaming network in Santa Monica, CA
Shane Satterfield, editor-in-chief, Santa Monica-based GameTrailers.com, an online gaming site

Q: What does a PlayStation reveal about a dude?
Arinoldo: The PlayStation 3 may indicate that the user is any “early-adopter,” someone who likes to be the first on the block to have things. Owning the PS3 may also send the message that the person may have deep pockets.

Owen: This is your 21st-century individual who enjoys gaming and demands the best out of his experience—and probably his women. The PS3 guy enjoys life to its fullest. He is sophisticated, intelligent, enjoys competition and is willing to wait for a good thing. He is loyal as well.

Satterfield: This guy is in the know. He knows the right people, goes to the best restaurants and doesn’t wait in line to get into the club. This guy will be difficult to keep up with, as he is always working. When he’s not, he uses videogames as a chance to unwind and relax.

Q. What does a Wii tell a gal about her potential date?
Owen: That he is selfish about his passion, but he knows the Wii is acceptable because of its social interaction functionality. He is smart enough to find a way to continue to game and not scare his date away.

Magnin: Wii says he’s a fun guy. The Wii-mote will force him to get up off the couch and actually get a little exercise while he’s playing. Of all of the consoles, the Wii is probably the best date machine, as a lot more of the games appeal to both sexes. Challenge him to a game of tennis or bowling.

Satterfield: This guy is not the typical slack-jawed, bleary-eyed gamer who wants to sit on the couch staring blankly at the screen for hours on end. You can rest assured that this type of guy is smart with his money as the Wii is only $250 compared to $399 for the Xbox 360 and $599 for the PlayStation.

Q. And what does the Xbox divulge about its owner?
Arinoldo: There is a wide variety of games available through the Xbox 360... so one may be better able to find games in common with a significant other who may not be an avid gamer. Preferring the Xbox 360 may say that the owner is willing to play cooperatively.

Magnin: Xbox 360 says he’s probably into serious gaming. Take a look at his game stats. Ask him to show you how many hours he spent playing his favorite games. Many guys log 100 to 200 hours on their favorite games.

Satterfield: These guys tend to like extremely violent, visceral games, as well as the social aspect of connecting with friends online. They may be living out an active and social life through games, because they are a bit on the shy side. Xbox 360 fans tend to make good money and like to spend it. These guys are passionate about gaming and that transfers into the bedroom as well.

Of course, these expert opinions won’t apply to all men who own these consoles, so don’t consider them absolutes. But they should help you gain some solid clues about that videogame-playing guy you’re seeing.
Great, now I've got a dude named "Mangina" analyzing me based on the console I play.

What is it with people and obtuse comparisons? :(
Actually, owning a PS3 says about me I'm a rich snob that can't be reasoned with no matter how many people try to get me to buy a360. :(
In otherwords, what about 99.9% of the world's population?
I think owning a PS3 at this point says something more along the lines of "this guy is an idiot to have paid that much for a system with no games" but then again, that's just my opinion, and I could be wrong (but I'm not)
I agree with some of the comments made about 360 and Wii owners, but not PS3 owners.
meh it's all about having retro consoles in your household...

Girls LOVE playing duck hunt....LOVE IT
Great, now I've got a dude named "Mangina" analyzing me based on the console I play.

What is it with people and obtuse comparisons? :(

You have to be put in a box or you could get left behind :(
I'm selfish about my passion, and I own a date machine. Let the women start rolling in...or out of it rather...however its supposed to go.
My Wii doesn't talk to me anymore, not since I started talking to her little sister, DS.

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