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What game did you play the most this year?


Aug 25, 2006
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Which games did you think you put in the most time and hours into? Any in particular that you kept coming back to? For me, the top 3 would be:

1. Oblivion (PC) - I got this around April and instantly became addicted. Im still playing this game and ahvent even touched the expansions bc theres so much to do in the original game. I stop playing it for weeks at a time but then come back every so often and put in hours on end just doing nothing but playing this. This game is very addicting

2. FFXII (PS2) - I started playing it in Nov of last year but it went into this year. This was pretty much all I played from Jan-March of 2007. I would come home from work and do about 1-2 hours a day with this. Like every FF, theres so much to do and it drew me in. I didnt even complete all the quests and had to rush to the end of the main story bc I needed to pull myself away from this and go play other stuff.

3. Warhawk (PS3) - Best multiplayer game Ive played this year. Ive spent alot of time playing this since hearing all the great reviews about it. I stopped playing bc of the big Nov releases but Im now getting back into it and will be playing heaveily.
Probably Warhawk i didnt have much time this year for my consoles:(
Lately its been CoD4 and Mass Effect.
1. Guitar Hero 2
2. Guitar Hero 3
3. Street Fighter 3: Third Strike

- Smash
Even though I beat it last year, Oblivion was still played probably more than any other game. After that, Rock Band, and the way I have been playing Mass Effect, looks like its up next.
My actual list:

Mass Effect
Assassin's Creed

About it, so far. Funny how 3 of them came near the end of the year, as well.
Assassin's Creed
Guitar Hero 3

And a small free PC game called Jumper Redux.
I did play a lot of Marvel Ultimate Alliance this year.
Marvel Ultimate Alliance - especially when I got the hero and villain packs and got :bh:

Halo 3
X-Men ledgens
justic league heros
psi ops-the mindegate consprucy
spider-man 2 the movie game
It is a sad day when men are forced to play baseball games the most in a year.

And not even that good of a baseball game at that.
Indeed. This could be none other than the armageddon.
Indeed. This could be none other than the armageddon.

No that wouldnt be the cause. MLB 2K7 was deff a step up from the previous version and a solid overall game.

Anyway, I think the game i spent the most time with was prob Rainbow Six: Vegas.
Has to be Halo 3. Finished the campaign first on Heroic, then on Legendary followed by skull hunting and countless LAN sessions. Second is Mass Effect (I spent more than 40 hours on this game) And then Call of Duty 4 - I'm on level 42 in multiplayer right now.
Oblivion, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Tenkaichi 3, KOTOR
Lately it has been Halo 3. I am addicted to matchmaking. :up:

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