What I bought the hypsters for Christmas


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Apr 16, 2006
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DX a copy of Fantastic Four Rise Of The Sliver Surfer
JAL a cash poster
Lord V a two week vacation with spideylad to lover's Island
Hunter Rider a picture of me and Rachel Bilson cruising the ocean
Logan's Lady a restriction order from Hugh Jackman
Logan's Runt tattoo remover spray, it's new on the market
Shadowboxing a set of broken Transformers
Jag a fight with a real jaguar
Knowsbleed some tissues
SSF probation from the hype-special thanks to Matt for chipping in on this one.
SMlvr some sea biscuits
Erz a vacation to the death star where he will receive beatings from VADER himself.
Ice-Man a holiday in jail
Robo a pink Batsuit
Lexcorp a trip to comingsoon boards for the next 5 years.
Kal a 6 month vacation in a small hotel room
Banky, his old username Geekz

I sure know how to spoil my hypsters.
If anyone else wants gifts, just ask.
This is a nice scarf.

Jag a fight with a real jaguar

Awesome! It'll be just like when I was a kid! For you, Lunar_Wolf, I got you a used copy of "Appropriately Matching Fictional Characters In Online Polls For Dummies". Use it in good health and Merry Christmas! :up:

Tissues. I will cherish them for the amount of time I can blow mucus/blood/snot/whateverbodilyfluidIwantto on them. Or I might try and sew them together to create a parachute. I would bring said parachute to the top of the hill of insanity that is the Hype Lounges...and I'll jump off...but dammit...I forgot to strap on the parachute.

Rejoice loungers. :(

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