World What would you like the next Spider man game to be like?

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May 7, 2008
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i would rather like a full game set in the spider man Noir universe

and Im suprised Venom has never got his own game. I imagine it being a sort of reimaging of the character

I gotta say, I'd rather just see a massive New York city. Freeroam. Full control of my web swinging. Not the crap we got in The Amazing Spider-Man game. multiple costumes. a good story. exciting combat and gameplay. a sense of speed and motion. a large open, living New York city. id like to see this New York with a feel like GTA 4.

there are so many more things I'd like to see, but sadly it'll just never be the case.

Oh I'd also like to see some type of co-op mode as an extra. I mean there are so many other playable characters that could be used. Venom (it had to be said), Scarlet Spider, Ricochet, Dusk, Prodigy, Hornet, Black Cat, Daredevil. And in case you can't tell, I'd love the game to be a bit of a throw back to the 90's Spider-Man comics.

I'd also love to be able to live as Peter Parker also. Have to protect your identity, take photos and also build devices.
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  1. Well reflected surfaces, reflect all they face, the time it's there
  2. Variety of things to do
  3. Great well detailed city
  4. Living vibrant, nice population, active responses
  5. Swinging is the best of Spider-Man 2 and Web of Shadows. With swinging choice like in SM2 (enter pause menu and choose swinging type)
  6. Swing kick is just like web of shadows, that one honestly has the best swing kick
  7. Graphics stylized, no need to be closer to realism
  8. Combat with amazing free flow variety, no awkward combat moves
  9. Web rush should stay
  10. 3D multilayered maps
  11. Web slingshot needs to return
  12. Other superheroes are there in the city, but not involved in the story. You can find them flying, on ground, etc...sometimes you can race them to street tasks
  13. Required tasks should be like Ultimate Spider-Man, there's a needed amount of missions to be done, but they are still varied and organic
  14. Peter and Spider-Man interact with their friends, depending on how you look (Peter or Spider-Man)
  15. Lot's of costumes, with different power sets depending on each costume
  16. Quick Time Events should be there, basic, unchangable. And of course there needs to be an option you can access during gameplay on pause menu to shut QTE off if you like
  17. Camera zoom in and out option. Contextual camera if you have your back to the wall and you lock on a target. Think Assassin's Creed 2 when you're in hiding and press L1 (I think it's that button)
  18. Spider-Man must swim
  19. You can go indoors to plenty of buildings whether it's free roam or indoors
  20. Spider-Sense and indicators like Spider-Man 3
  21. You can take boss fights anywhere in town, including indoor areas or other boroughs you are allowed to go to in free roam. Other heroes can offer their help and you have the option to choose if they do or not
  22. Neil Patrick Harris or Rino Romano as Peter Parker/Spider-Man

And I don't care how much of a pipe dream it is, I want this game

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