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What would your name be if.....


Jul 20, 2006
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you could have any name other then your real name...what would you choose.

I would use something like Artemis Youngblood, something original or cool.
My parents were going to name me Quentin, or Detluv....

True story.
To be honest I like my name and it fits me perfect
My name was supposed to be Brad... bit instead I was named after a cowboy.
Your name is Clint?
No... Matt
After Matt Dillon from Gunsmoke
My brother is named after the actor who played him, James Arness.
I'm actually surprised my name isn't John Wayne H.
I can see you as a "Clint"ish type person.

"Hey, my name is Clint... don't make me hurt you with my man strength"
Todd DuhnDuhnDuuuuhn would probably be a very interesting name to your future wife.

"So... I would be Mrs. DuhnDuhnDuuuuhn? Uhh... I think I'll keep my name kthanxbai."
And our child's name will be "Muharblargh". :stealer:

My rather common name doesn't fit me I think. I would name myself...

Jester McCool.
Dr. Kenneth Noisewater.
I was gonna change it to "Captain Fantastic Faster Than Superman Spiderman Batman Wolverine Hulk And The Flash Combined" but some kid took it already.

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