What's the Best FPS for Singleplayer?


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Jun 12, 2011
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In a little over a week I will *finally* be getting my Xbox back up and running. The poor regulars of the Skyrim thread have been following this long winded saga for the last three months. In light of getting my Xbox back, I've been thinking about things to play and I'm currently keen on. Some I've already got and some I've yet to own:

-Sniper Elite V2
-Max Payne 3
-Fallout 3
-Fallout New Vegas

There might be one or two more that are slipping my mind. You'll notice from that list that none of the games are strictly First Person, and they're certainly not First Person Shooters. I've never been a big fan of the First Person perspective, always preferring Third Person by far but that is slowly changing.

I recently watched a friend of mine play Battlefield 3 online and it looked really neat, however I don't often play online for various reasons. I tend to stick to single player. My buddy said the Battlefield 3 singleplayer is pretty terrible though, so it's not worth getting if I just want to play by myself.

So what's the best FPS for a singleplaying fellow such as myself? A chance to do a fair amount of sniper work would be a bonus, but not completely necessary.

  • Vanquish - Not first person, and the story is ****, but the gameplay is incredibly fun.
  • The Orange Box - You get to play the all-time classic Half-Life 2 + expansions, as well as Portal. Tons of great content at a great value.
  • Condemned: Criminal Origins - A really fantastic (and sadly overlooked) first-person survival horror game.
A lot of people put it down but I love Halo's campaigns. They have a very rich universe and are very fun.
One of the best single player FPS titles iv ever played is Far Cry 2. It's an open world title and you can do plenty of sniping.

Also, the Crysis games are pretty bad ass.
All the Halo 3, ODST, REACH
Left 4 Dead 1/2
Dead Island
On XBLA you can download the original Crysis at a fraction of the price of retail games, which is a rather spiffing FPS.
These are some great suggestions guys, giving me a lot to think about it. Really appreciate it!

Mostly I'm on the hunt for a military style shooter, something along the lines of Battlefield 3 or maybe Call of Duty, maybe Medal of Honor? The problem is I'm so unfamiliar with anything like those I have no idea how they stack up.
Ah, well in that case play Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Basically every 'military' FPS since has been an inferior remake of that game.
I really enjoyed Medal of Honor's campaign except its like 4 hours long
The first F.E.A.R. is a splendid FPS if you ask me.
If you like modern military shooters, of course the top two picks would be MW2 and Battlefield 3. But ProjectPat already gave you a really excellent (and cheap alternative these days) and really overlooked game in Far Cry 2....easily the most realistic FPS I've ever played, and it'll give you literally *endless* hours of play because it's an open world, free rein setting. Also, you mentioned Fallout 3 --- believe it or not, there's plenty of FPS action to be had there, including sniping....I'm sure you'd be thrilled with it, too.
Really liked bad company 2s campaign also. It was pretty funny.
Ive only done the first two levels of bf3's story mode. It wasnt too bad, but multiplayer is so amazing that i just never touch single player
Really liked bad company 2s campaign also. It was pretty funny.
Ive only done the first two levels of bf3's story mode. It wasnt too bad, but multiplayer is so amazing that i just never touch single player

Yeah, I forgot the title of this thread. :doh:

The thing about BF3 and MW2 is that the SP campaigns are beautiful and all, but they're done in a heartbeat. Those games concentrate heavily on MP, so they skimp on the campaign.

That's why, if you're looking for a long and satisfying SP campaign, Far Cry 2 is your best bet.
Thanks fellas!

Sounds like Modern Warfare might be the go. How do the others in the series stack up? 2, 3, the Black Ops games? Is it all pretty much the same?

Far Cry 2 sounds like it might be pretty awesome as well. I think I'll start with COD4 or Far Cry 2 to see if I like it, then go from there. You guys have been a great help, cheers! :D
Yeah you should start with number 4, then just continue from there. the 3 modern warfare games are all one story. Quite an exciting story at that. Get black ops for the zombies, its worth it
That's cool! I'm big on story, it's usually the main reason I bother finishing any game -to find out what happens. If the story goes through all three games, that's even better.
My main favorites are
Borderlands: Has a great story if you are willing to read all the quests
Bioshock: Just plain awesome
Prey: A little aged but still a lot of fun... and 2$ used at gamestop
Dead Island: I drove through a storm to pick this game up
I quite like the idea of back-to-back Modern Warfare games having not played them before. Makes me wish I didn't beat them all in one sitting on midnight launch :(
-Any Bethesda game.
-Halo 3 was a GREAT experience.
-I had fun with COD 4's single player.
-For some old fun, try out DOOM.

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