Which director should take over now?


Aug 11, 2004
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I say David Fincher. I recently saw Se7en again and the atmosphere, darkness and detective side of things reminded me how perfect such a setting would be for a "realistic" Batman. Although, WB might think that it's TOO dark for such a popular character. Who's your pick?
David Fincher
Darren Aronofsky

That's my two choices but Burton and Nolan weren't that famous like these two. WB might go with lesser choice.
Fincher would be great, but he won't do it. TGWTDT was his "franchise film" (even though it may not get sequels now) and most would agree it wasn't his best and he seemed he was somewhat retreading material done already so well by the Swedish original. Granted, if he did Batman it wouldn't be a beat-by-beat replay of Nolan's films, but I think he is off to do more original ideas again.

I think Aronofsky is a great director but his ideas for YO in the early 2000s were bad. I also want someone who would take it much differently.
David Fincher seems like such a cliche choice at this point. I rather Aronofsky stick to his own original film ideas. I actually liked a lot of the Y1 script. He's a way better filmmaker than Nolan in my eyes too. He's just so much better with actors and more perplexing narratives where as Nolan is just way too stoic and transparent. But I want Guillermo Del Toro to get the reigns for the next iteration of Batman personally.

It's too early to tell at this point anyway. He has the right sensibilities as far as balancing the more outlandish and fantastical with grounded and relatable elements. He's also developing a rapport with WB. I'm sure once The Hobbit gets going in theaters and Pacific Rim hopefully hits hard and lives up to it's great potential that they'll probably consider him.
Fincher? Oh no, no. Hes brilliant but thats not the point, the point is dark and gritty batman has been done already just now by Nolan. I think he nailed it. Silly cartoony Batman was done too in the 60s and by Schumahcer, and a mix of both was done by Burton. The only thing left is a scifi version, Batman Beyond. Uslan's idea about Eastwood starring as old Bruce is great
None of the above. Exceptions: David Yates and Del Toro.
I think the next step should be some kind of TV show before making movies again. They need to wait a long long long time before they reboot on the big screen IMO.
Batman will never be a live action-TV show again; the movies profit way too much(even the bad ones) for them to revert back to the small screen.
Matthew Vaughn could've done something fun with it if he hadn't don XFC. Oh well.
Ummm.....after David Yates ducked up Harry Potter, I'm surprise there's still supporters.

Choosing from all the list above, Darren Aronofsky stands the best chance.
Fincher and Aronofsky would have been great, but they are both at a point in their career where a franchise like this would be a 'burden' on them, which makes me think they just wouldn't put their heart and soul into it.

Alfonso Cuaron
would be great for a more creative take on Batman, and he might just need a hit after the stumbles he's had with Gravity. Children of Men is brilliant and if he can infuse some of that style with Batman we'd be in for a treat.

Bennett Miller (director of Moneyball and Capote) hasn't done action yet, but damn those Moneyball baseball scenes were tense. He can tell an excellent story - I'd really like to see a less-predictable choice like him. Plus he is friends with Philip Seymour Hoffman - this could be a great casting choice for a villain (Penguin?). Then again, he might be great for a Daredevil reboot...

Brad Bird has been transitioning to live action. If there's one man who knows how to give gravitas to even the most superficially silly things (rats in kitchens, red spandex), it is this guy. Ghost Protocol was great.

Rian Johnson could be a great contender, but I'll hold off my official judgement until I see Looper. His other work, while niche, is great. He could do noir well - and it's been a dream of mine to see a great film-noir style Batman.
I say we give the reigns back to Joel Schumacher.
Brad Bird (loves IMAX) as director and Bruce Timm/Paul Dini as producers. BTAS adaptation in live action. Make it happen WB.
They'll probably get somebody that's an up and comer we aren't thinking of or a studio yes guy like Brett Ratner to make the new movie a good ol' fashioned popcorn movie!
With the way the recent Marvel movies, Superman, Spiderman and Batman have worked, it'll be a director we might know, but isn't really well established.

It all depends on the tone they want. I think they'll go a little more Spiderman. Insert some fantastical elements but don't go full out popcorn adventure flick like the Avengers.

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