Which gets you the most excited?

Poll needs to be here right now. Not, 'soon'

Given the only one I've seen is the X3 clip, I'll vote it.

Leno clip was underwhelming.

returns clip blew my pants off.

Haven't seen nor care to see Mission impossible 3 (I was totally surprised they made a third one so soon. lol)

Casino what?
Wow, just saw the Superman clip. Excellent :up:
That eight seconds of Superman Returns footage was incredible. I speak in hyperbole a bit, but that clip made me that much more anxious to see this thing. It had a far greater impact on me than the other choices.
In order:

Casino Royale Teaser, it looks so damn awesome. I really can't wait.
The SR footage was very impressive, finally some Superman action with good special effects.
The X3 clip was cool.
:supes: Superman Returns...the flying did more for me the the Voltron head in the X3 clip
X3 of course.

In Superman Returns it's all about Superman, Superman, Superman= boring
As much as I love X3, the Leno clip was alright. I liked it, but it just needs a bit of work on it.
POTC2 isn't in this poll? WTF?

Ok, I voted for SR. It really looks fantastic!!!

X3 was for me a bit disappointment.

CR was not bad teaser, but I would like to have something really new for Bond.

MI3 looks also not bad.
When people see full trailer of SR, they will finally make choice will they go to see it or not.

But I have feeling that people still have interest and will go to see SR, even if some are haters.

Will they like it or not???

Haters will not, because they don't like everything.

Usual people will say it was good movie.

Fans will say it was great.

Critics will say it was really good too.

So i think there will be more good WOM that bad WOM.

And good WOM means high numbers in box office.

High numbers mean big success.
I haven't seen the "Casino Royale" teaser yet.

I have to say the best one is the "Superman Returns" trailer. John Williams original score, Marlon Barndo's narration and not showing much about the movie make that a classic.
The flying scenes in SR are going to so awesome!!!!
Cssino Royale rocked even if it was in french.

Superman Returns footage was awesome even if it was 8 seconds long.

Mission:Impossible 3 trailer was not as good as the teaser.

X-Men 3 'Leno clip' was horrible :(
I have to laugh at this poll given we are on a comicbook movie board but anyway,my vote is for Casino Royale because it got me hyped for a movie i was unure about,The SR footage was cool but only 8 seconds which isn't enough for me to get as hyped as some are
Mi-3's trailer was kickass but it was weeks ago now where the others are fresh in my mind
the X3 clip was really poor:(
hunter rider said:
I have to laugh at this poll given we are on a comicbook movie board

Lol, you're right hunter rider :O . That being said I thought the X3 footage was ok (I'm hoping it wasn't quite finished). MI3 isn't really something I'm into (I might check it out though if my friends want to go). I thought the Bond teaser was pretty cool. But I really liked the SR footage! It just gets me excited thinking about what a Superman film can be with today's special effects! I voted Superman. :supes: :up:
cant really say any of these films excite me. SR is dead to me, x men isnt really doing anything for me. havent seen casino royale. i may see MI3 andPOTC2 this summer.
If it wasn't for superman , i'd say MI-3 since the money shot of cruise being slammed into the car with windowns breaking and a helicopter or airplane ( still don't know what it is) blasting into the background .

But that superman aussie promo really made me want to see superman.

X3 jay leno clip was so lame. And i actually had high hopes for this movie , defending ratner and such .
I hope that they actually show Wolverine destroying the sentinel cause that clip sucked more then Jenna does in a porno.

Royale was okay. Nothing too complain really. Reminded me a bit of Sin City

Thats my #1 most anticipated film of the summer.

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