Which Summmer Movie are you looking foward to the most?

Pirates, then Superman. X3 looks pretty bad.
Cool Thread.

I would say the Da Vinci Code or POTC2, however I plan on seeing allmost all of those films on the bigscreen.
X-Men: The Last Stand above all else.
Then The Da Vince Code.
Pirates looks good too and I am hoping Superman Returns will be really good.
Darth Elektra said:
Just so you know, that was delayed till this December.

Than I suppose See No Evil.

I'm not overly hyped up for anything on that list.
Superman, but I'm not especially excited to see anything now. Oversaturation of superhero movies.
I can't wait to see who wins the box office battle. I think it's between PotC and Supes.
1.)Superman Returns
2.)Tie between Miami Vice and X-Men:TLS

The rest I'm not really excited about but some I may see.
POTC2 will win! But I think we need to keep a look out for X3, because it really has till Cars to surf.
When is a full SR trailer due out? Theteaser was ok but nothing special.

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