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Iron Man 3 Who is hotter Tony or Aldrich?


Shaper Savant
Jul 26, 2012
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Some posters seem upset about the lack of hot man on man action in this forum. Oddly, those posters didn't take the time to make this poll themselves.

But here's the question which of Pepper's flames is hotter?


Or perhaps secret option #3

Ready, set, go.
I say Tony Stark. I guess I'm into the piping hot messes.
Favreau got into shape for IM1 and 2, what the hell happened to him? He must have been spending too much time at that doughnut shop in IM2.
Why am I the only one who has voted? I thought people were complaining about the lack of this thread. :cmad:
Aldrich is hotter. His body is barely containing a 3,000 degree explosion. His touch can melt metal and he can spit fire.
I rest my case.
Happy Hogan, rockin' the mullet in 1999.
Not just the mullet, the entire Vincent Vega look!

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