Comics Who is Spider-Man's true love?

Watched that before. imo Gwen is his "first" true love because if she were still alive I don't think him and MJ would have gotten together. That said, MJ is still his second while girls like Carlie and Sable don't come close. Felicia is in a sense Spider-Man's true love but not Peter Parker's.
It all depends on the writer
There's a What if issue Spider-Man saves Gwen instead of snapping her neck, she hated him in one frame and jumped in his arms the next panel
If another might write her, it could take quite some time before she gets over hating Spider-Man, like Bendis did in Ultimate

In the end, Peter picks Gwen before Mary Jane, in Earth X (I think that one) a middle aged fat Spider-Man told his daughter he wish he was married to Gwen instead

I'm voting Gwen
Thing is, we don't know what would have happened if Peter saved Gwen after she was thrown off of the bridge. I remember it has been argued that Gwen's purpose was to get him ready for Mary Jane, which could very well be the case. In the long run, he married her (despite all the crap since One More Day, none of this counts in my eyes).
Post BND he looks back at Gwen, American Son had a moment of Peter visiting her grave
MJ wasn't really important before Big Time
It can also be argued that it was Peter's fate to be with MJ in the long run, and that Gwen was preparing him for her. Of course, this is ignoring everything from OMD and onwards.

When The Amazing Spider-Man title was relaunched/rebooted, did it still have the same continuity from everything before (like the first 400 issues or so?)

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