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Who Remembers PBS's MYSTERY!

Man those bring back memories. Mostly I just remember the opening animations by Gorey.

But yeah used to watch it with my folks as a kid.
Mystery! and Masterpiece Theatre were my life until we got cable.

Edward Gorey rocks, Tim Burton copies him so much :csad:
who remembers " Mistery" from like....uh..last week.
it's been playing in San Diego for the last...oh.....20 years?
the Edward Gorey title sequence is killer though.
I jst saw one of those "Rosemary and Thime" episodes like a month ago.
Miss Marple like 2 weeks ago and Inspector Lindley...say...2 months ago?
foyle's war was on last year.

good times.
boo, I liked them separate, that way, cheesy productions of Nabokov books can stay in one time slot, kick ass brittish murder mistery series have their own.

too bad old bean.

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