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whos gonna win the championship

DarthRekal said:
get by with a little help from the refs:)

sorry had to

gee like I haven't heard that one before.
Kable24 said:
gee like I haven't heard that one before.

like the spurs of 99 gota deal with the ETERNAL asterisk!
i wanna say the heat but with the way theyve been playing id have 2 say detroit =/
Super_Ludacris said:
WTF@ this
At this thread?

College Football: Ohio State
NCAA Basketball: UCLA
NFL: Indianapolis
NBA: Los Angeles Lakers
MLB: Los Angeles Angels
Which championship? If you mean next season for all...

NCAA: Georgia
NHL: Thrashers
NBA: Hawks :(
NFL: Falcons
MLB: Braves

is this hockey or basketball? b/c the redwings are out

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