Why does the trailers suck so bad??


Sep 15, 2005
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All of them suck except for the main long one in the theaters, but they didnt even put it on the dvd...they put all the bad ones...

but, anyone who bought "Ali", it does have the missing Spider-Man trailer (as well as ali, mib2 trailers)
I forgot to mention that Spider-Man 2 trailers were really really good....

But part 1 was horrible, imo.
I liked the trailers for Spider-Man 1. My favorite was the one which starts out showing the city at night and Peter is saying, "Who am I? Are you sure you want to know?".:up:
Yeah, its weird that they left the best one off the dvd. It is on Mutants,Monsters, and Marvels though.
Yeah, I have that.^

It's also on Yahoo.
i like the one with the movie webshooters, id love to get that in avi format somewhere
Haven't seen it.^

Someone have it on Youtube?
The trailers for SM3 were fantastic.

It was a shame the film was such a disappointment.
Holy old thread bumpage, Batman.
An old thread,I know. But I really LOVE both the teaser and full trailers for Spider-man 2. Both are so damn epic. And the teaser trailer for Spider-man 3 was just as good. Seeing Peter with the black suit for the first time was SOOOOO awesome!
I thought the trailer for the first Spidey film were good,but not great. Although that World Trade Center trailer was pretty cool.
This thread was created before I joined! :wow:

The unfinished Spider-Man 3 trailer was almost perfect. It's just a shame the movie wasn't.

Never understood why they spoiled Harry's scarring in the trailers...

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