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Mar 5, 2003
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Well, I did it. I got a Wii.

Best Buy announced they would have 83 of these bad boys at 8 in the morning when they opened up, and that the line would start at like 3 in the morning or some crap. So, seeing as how I wanted to get a Wii real bad, but I'm lazy, I got there at 4:30. The line was pretty small, but then again it was 29 degrees. At about 7 they passed out papers with a number on it, assuring you a Wii so long as you had the golden ticket. I was #51 of 83. Not bad. So I took my frozen ass and my Wii home, and I just wanted to ask aboot some boxing games. Now, first off, the system isn't for me, it's actually a gift, but I'll be able to play it since I live here and stuff. But anyway, I saw some boxing games, and they look fun as hell. But which one is worth it? Anyone play one that had great control and such? I bought Mario Galaxy, Simpsons, and that crossbow thingie that has the Zelda game for the giftee, but for me, I'd like one of the boxing games.

They also had this prehistoric monsters game, where you play as different dinos and sharks and Loch ness type things as you swim and kill stuff. Anyone play that? Wii noob out!
Victorious Boxers Revolution is fun.

There are special moves that can get kind of over the top, but nothing that is like teleporting like that one guy from Punch-Out. There are two swing modes that utilize the nunchuck. The first one allows you to move by swaying your body and the second allows you to move by using the analog stick. The game also allows the use of the classic/gamecube controller.

The only downside is the characters aren't really that balanced in the feather weight division and there are only a couple of characters to choose from in Middleweight. The camera angle takes a couple of fights to get used to, but it is not a hinderance. The game is based off a manga/anime so they try to mimic that in the graphics and it doesn't come off that great in some places.

I haven't even seen any footage of Showtime Boxing, but it doesn't look that great.
Thanks for the post. I'll probably end up waiting a while before I get any games for myself. Plus I don't know if anyone else will be getting any games as gifts.
Wii rocks!! Woohoo!! You've made the best decision in your life, pooch!!

On second thought, possible NSFW.
I finally played the Wii for the first time last night. That boxing game is fun as hell, and I played the Simpsons game, which was also pretty fun. I haven't played anything other than those two, but I'm already hooked. Nice.
why not, the dudes happy about his Wii oh and congrats dog lips
It's a private joke between DL and I, mystic. ;)

We like to share our privates.
I'm going to bump because I too would like to share that I'm going to buy a Wii. Futureshop, Blockbuster, and Best Buys are all out of them near me but when they are back in stock I'm getting one. :up:

Maybe we could play online DL ;)
I have a Wii. It makes me happy. I once shot a man in Vegas. That also made me happy.
How do you have such a low post count and a big avatar? :huh:
its still that hard to get a wii ??

wow its not that bad anymore around here. it was just like that
the first 6 months it was released.

after that all it took was calling stores to find out when shipments

congrats on your new wii !! :D
They say it was one of the toughest gifts to find this Christmas. Nintendo is actually losing money on it because they couldn't meet the demand.

I got one for Christmas. :woot:
Nintendo should really figure out how to churn out more Wii per month, because right now they can't really meet the demands. It would also be nice if they can release peripherals like external HD, since the lack of big memory storage hinders the system.

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