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Transformers Will Megan Fox be returning?

The Joker_1000

Jul 29, 2007
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I've heard that Shia LaBeouf is returning but will Megan Fox be returning as well?
she'll do a nude scene.

then they'll kill her off.
That'd be nice (the nude scene), but it won't happen. Btw, if she does return I seriously doubt she'll be killed off.
Shia, Megan, and Peter Cullen have all said they will reprise there rolls in TF2, I think they are the only ones to announce this.
I hope that Mark Ryan returns as well, I think he voiced Bumblebee pretty good & we haven't even heard enough of him to turn him away just yet. Btw, as long as Shia is returning, you can bet your ass I'll be watching the next TF movie.
I hope they all return, they all contributed to making TF the fun movie that it was IMO, but i wouldnt be too bothered if the characters played by Voight, Turturro, Taylor and Anderson didnt return.

All the others i want back though.
The dude that was in the military in Godzilla should come back, he's pretty funny. I'm sure everyone is going to return & make the next movie even better than the first.
I hope Rachael comes back. They've gotta keep the Aussie.
They should keep everyone. I thought the mom was especially funny for assuming Sam was beating the baton.
I love her trashiness.

They better have her back. She made transformers for me.

Not really. but she is hawt.
They should keep everyone. I thought the mom was especially funny for assuming Sam was beating the baton.

I hope both of the parents are back, they were both great. And i would like to them with Bumblebee also, could make for some more funny scene's.
Hopefully they'll show Anthony Andersons character get killed off with Mikaela.
I hope everyone gets killed off except for Mikaela and Maggie. Then they'll have to consol each other. :cwink: :grin: :oldrazz:
I took some pictures of her once. I think I'm gonna get arrested. :woot:

I wish I could. Btw, Fox has a lot of tattoos, some of which creep me out for some odd reason.
I love her tattoos. And her eyes. And her butt. And her stomach. And her hair. And her smile.

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