Will Wii be disappointed again? -editorial on the Wii by gamer informer

I can't wait for the Wii. At least fat americans are going to lose weight from playing the Wii.
I'm sorry, but...

Isn't it really stupid to say you refuse to use the Wiimote before you've even tried it??

That's beyond moronic. What's the logic and reasoning behind that??
It's just ridiculous. "I refuse to try the Wiimote, even though I'm buying a Wii and the Wiimote is the Wii's main selling point".

At least give the thing a try, for crying out loud. You have no right to say "that thing is gonna give me a sore arm" or whatever UNTIL you've used it.
lars573 said:
Interesting read, sums up what I feel about Nintendo's history. Except I still won't use the Wiimote. I won't say much more as you should be reading it.


How are you going to play the games then? I think the problem is that some people assume the wiimote is a gimmick like Eyetoy. Nintendo is trying to progress game playing, unlike Sony who are too removing Dual Shock, and only adding a half-hearted tilt system in a old-gen controller.

Some people are scared of change...
It doesn't make any sense, does it?

I want Lars to explain his logic. What he's said so far isn't satisfactory. Why buy a Wii and refuse to use the Wiimote? At least try it, you mad man.

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