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William Boyd To Pen New James Bond Novel


Nov 29, 2009
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The Ian Fleming estate has announced that William Boyd will pen the next James Bond novel, although the title and plot will remain under wraps for the time being. Jonathan Cape will publish the book September 26 in the UK. It will be available via HarperCollins in the U.S. and Canada in October. The book will be set in 1969 and feature a 45-year-old 007. Boyd is the third author in recent years to write an official Bond novel. Jeffrey Deaver wrote Carte Blanche in 2011 and Sebastian Faulks’ Devil May Care was published in 2008. Boyd’s previous work includes the Booker Prize-shortlisted An Ice-Cream War, 1990’s Brazzaville Beach, 2002’s Any Human Heart and 2006’s Restless.
Not sure how I feel about the setting. Bond has always been a contemporary character, not stuck in the past.
Wasn't Carte Blanche a new beginning for the books? Why all these sequels to Ian Fleming's original novels? They're pretty much all ignoring each others, it's getting very redundant.
Any announcement on the next novel? I wonder if they actualy want to settle on a timeframe or are just going to keep publishing one-shot novels with no relation to each other
I've always liked James Bond, He used to be great nd I think he's the greatest character from past.
Next novel announced


A shame they're now just releasing stuff at random, without any new focus on connections at all, which is a shame, Carte Blanche was aparently going to be some sort of reboot, i expected more novels dealing with the Bond in there.

James Bond is back where he belongs.

Anthony Horowitz's new novel is a thrilling tour de force, sure to delight fans of the original 007 novels and new readers alike. It also features previously unseen material written by Bond's creator, Ian Fleming.

The story begins in the lethal world of Grand Prix and with an attempt by the Russians to sabotage a race at Nurburgring, the most dangerous track in Europe. Bond is in the driving seat, but events swiftly take an unexpected turn, pitching him into an entirely different race with implications that could change the world.

Anthony Horowitz recreates the golden age of Bond, packed with speed, danger, strong women, and fiendish villains, in this brilliantly authentic adventure.
"Trigger Mortis"? :lmao:

such an awful title

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