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Aug 2, 2007
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Hey just got back from WonderCon and james Mcavoy was there and they showed us an 8 minute sceen from wanted,its starts out with Jolie having a shot out with Kretschmann in the supermarket,pretty intense then McAvoy runs away from Jolie,Kretschmann steals a pet supply truck(with cute puppies and kitties on the side:woot: )Runs down James and right before he is run over Jolie opens up the doors to her Viper and figure eights the car while at the same time picking up Mcavoy.Then a 5-6 minute car race begins with cars crashing buses flipping.THe viper actually does a barrell roll over a bus!lots of speed and action then Jolie has James take the wheel as she shoots/pushes out the front windshield then with on leg out of the car one leg on the wheel she begins a shot out with Kretschmann.(now she is in a white dress so her legs are completely spread and the whole time Mcavoy is switching his eye sight from the road to her panties,if she is even wearing any)this scene is very cool and funny.Then she flips a cop car in the way of Kretschmann and her and James fly off down the road.
It was a pretty good scene and the effect were no where near finished(the director via satalite told us).however it still look pretty good.My only problem is the action is pretty unrealistic with curving bullets and flipping over a bus but it looked like it had promise,the acting for James was great and his Q&A after was really funny.He was really downt to earth and really tiny,but he said they movie was fun to make and that he was suprised how demanding it was on his body.THats pretty much it
Awesome! Even though I've come to face the total butchery, I'm all eyes for the film. I appreciate the report. :up:
Did they apologize for butchering the source material?

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