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World’s first 3D sex film Beats Avatar (in Hong Kong)


Nov 29, 2009
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A Hong Kong film touted as the world’s first 3D soft porn movie outsold the James Cameron’s blockbuster hit Avatar on its opening day according to several Hong Kong and international media outlets. But the real question is are films pushing the boundaries such as this one, getting under the Chinese Government’s skin?
The movie, Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy brought in 30,000 viewers bringing in 2.78 million Hong Kong dollars (357,000 US dollars) just on the first day.
A couple from mainland China were arrested trying to record the new movie using their mobile phones and were fined 2,000 Hong Kong dollars each at a court hearing Friday, the Post reported.
Seven premiere screenings of the film took place in central Hong Kong during the Easter holiday week. Director Christopher Sun said that the strategic opening day was meant to attract-Mainland Chinese tourists.
The Chinese government has engaged in a long-term crackdown on porn and movies with sexual content are generally banned.
“We have already drawn a lot of tourists and also I say they are actually ordinary Chinese people. Of course they are adults,” Sun said.
“There’s no way to show this film there in China so they just come by and try to watch it.”
Taiwanese newspapers reported that at least five tour groups from mainland China had already made reservations to see the film during the May holiday.
The makers of 3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy are presenting Singapore with a heavily self-censored release with more than 18 minutes of the completed film cut due to the country’s strict censorships laws. But in China, the film is completely banned.
This isn’t the first time Mainland tourists have had to venture to Hong Kong to escape censorship regulations. A large influx of mainland tourists had traveled to Hong Kong to watch Ang Lee’s uncut version of Lust, Caution in 2007. This seems to be an ongoing trend for Chinese from the mainland to exercise more media freedom by simply crossing the border. Chinese officials are obviously aware that this phenomenon is happening and it is apparent there is a huge market to tap into from an economic standpoint so what’s China going to do?
How will they combat it? Will they turn a blind eye and most importantly does it undermine their authority enough to try to place more pressure on Hong Kong’s media freedoms?
Jesus christ.................................................................I left the stove on
Wouldn't know. Only watched softcore like....once or twice.

I would take slightly trashier looking women than the lack of any visible penetration.
I feel dirty just being in this thread.
I wonder if the theaters made it mandatory to buy a packet of kleenex from the ticket stand like they do with 3D glasses.
If you build it, they will come.:o
Yea im gonna go to the kitchen and get some pie now.
I'd rather watch This Ain't Avatar XXX which is also in 3D.

Poor Chinese, they have to cross a border in order to watch porn.
*waits patiently for info on bootlegs*
"Sex and Zen 3D" Is Coming Americ-AHHH!

By Garth Franklin Wednesday May 25th 2011 02:44PM
There's porn, there's 3D, and now there's both. "Sex and Zen 3D: Extreme Ecstasy" is the world's first 3D erotic period drama broke box office records in Hong Kong (and outsold "Avatar" in its first day of release). Now, after a global release earlier this year in numerous territories, it has finally scored distribution in the United States.
China Lion Film Distribution confirmed the news to The Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday, but says a release date for the Chinese erotic blockbuster had yet to be determined. Set during the Ming Dynasty, the story is adapted from the classical Chinese novel "The Carnal Prayer Mat".
The film sold out its entire first week in Hong Kong, while in Australia it scored $122,000 per screen in six weeks of release - a better return than the $114,000 per screen earnings of "Fast Five" over the same period.
It really was only a matter of time. Bet 3D TV sales increase now.
Id hate to sit in those seats after the premiere...It was probably almost as filthy as the seats after the Twilight movies

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