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World of Warcraft to become feature-length film

Jul 7, 2005
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Translated from outNow.ch:

As Variety announces, Warner Bros has the rights for years of the enormously popular Fantasy Game series "World OF was bought Craft" for a cinema adaptation. This will develop it with the company Blizzard Entertainment, which originally brought the series into being.
The first play is before round ten years as "Craft" on the market had come, and developed among other things in the newest contribution, the on-line game of roles "World OF was Craft", to a megasuccess. The play offers not only an enormous world, but also many investigation possibilities and by approximately six million players in the whole world is played.
Which is to be expected from the conversion to, can be only assumed. Whether it can to direction war pos or nevertheless rather a figure-based adventure strip will be, is naturally not yet well-known. Blizzard so far anyhow always stood for quality and took themselves time to develop its plays.
It remains hoping that Warner Bros has the same goal before eyes and a halfhearted adaptation does not hinschludert, as one already practiced with other Game Adationen.

Forgive me if it doesn't make sense. I translated it with Altavista Babelfish, but a Warcraft movie...
sorry, this has been reported already. There's a thread here somewhere with the same info, I think.

Should be an interesting movie if they do it seriously....

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