Worst Type of French Fry


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Sep 28, 2004
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Most people here know how serious I take food because it's serious business. But we need to discuss what's the worst French Fry as I cannot decide between potato wedges and steak fries.


9 times out of 10 crinkle cut fries are always either undercooked or overcooked. They get my vote. Also tater tot is a close second.
hmmm......I'd have to say those crinkle cut, "ridged" fries are my least favorite.

and are tater tots even considered "fries?" lol.

I put tots in their own category.........
I'll go with crinkle fries.
Curly and wedges are actual potato, not corn starch masked as potato.
French fries are mah least favorite, when they are soft and not crunchy.
The crinkled are good if seasoned. If they're just bland, **** them.
I get crinkle cut from Shake Shack and they are done really well.

And if people are effing up crinkle cuts, I'm not sure how more people don't mess up steak fries. Most of the time they just feel soggy and undercooked.

Actually all fries have the chance of being undercooked.

I'd also rank shoe string fries as I don't like having to pick up a bunch at a time.
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The crinkled are good if seasoned. If they're just bland, **** them.

Exactly, throw something on seasoning on and they're actually pretty great, especially if they've just been cooked.

Potato wedges are without a doubt my least favorite. They're always bland, at least in my experience.
Shoe String fries are hot garbage. And God help anyone that tries to vote and blasphemy the good name of curly fries! I've never in my life encountered a bad curly fry even days later.

Tots are usually awesome but if they are undercooked it's right up there with the crap that is all form of shoe string fries.
I hate it when steak and waffle fries are under cooked.
Fun fact:if you do Chik-Fil-A catering they give you waffle potato chips. Have you ever had their waffle fries not fresh? They are absolutely horrible.
Crinkle fries are crap.

Love me some tater tots. I seriously don't consider them fries though.

If they can be used for poutine then they're fries.
Hate crinkle cut fries

Every other type of fry is vastly superior
I love crinkle fries from my own frying pan. Places like Burger King manage to **** them up and make them bland. Then again, it's Burger King.

**** potato wedges.
**** shoestring fries.
Steak fries get a thumbs up.
**** seasoned fries, no matter the shape.
**** waffle fries.
**** curly fries.

Y'all in America rarely get to experience ACTUAL fries. Come to Belgium or the Netherlands and thank me later.

Steak fries, can't stand potato wedges either, generally not a fan of crinkle cut either.

Also, what the heck are tater tots doing on this poll? Tots ain't fries.
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If you frequent Sonics, in lieu of fries you can get tots.
Shoe string fries are the worst. I've never had a good shoestring frie

Braums crinkle cut fries are the best, especially dipping them in malts or shakes and Red Robin's steak fries are also excellent.
Tots. Just horrible.
I do love me some steak fries. Crinkle cut are hit and miss for me. If we're talking fast food, I like Nathan's crinkle cut fries but Shake Shack's crinkle cut fries are flavorless.
I think so many people hate crinkle fries because finding good ones is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Only a handful of companies get them right.

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