Sequels X-Men First Class 2


Jul 31, 2012
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This is a preview for my fanfiction

Chapter One: Aftermath
He stood there.
Erik Lehnsherr under the codename Magneto was about to infiltrate a secret CIA base. After the events that occurred on the Cuban beach six months ago Erik and his Brotherhood were taking things to the next level. Emma Frost Erik’s Team mate and co worker suddenly appeared into Erik’s mind. What have you found? Erik thought spoke through Emma’s telepathy. It seems to be one of their low graded bases, it doesn’t seemed to be used as much as the others but it’s heavily guarded at the front and back Emma replied. Erik had been quite snappy with her recently, ever since Raven AKA Mystique had joined the group. Emma could see quite clearly that Raven was his new favourite.
What about the files?
The vault their hidden in is being heavily guarded as well
Emma replied.
Now that Erik knew where everything was he got his team into action. Emma was keeping watch from the boat they were travelling on. Riptide was waiting at the back of the building waiting to enter. Azazel sat firmly on the roof, waiting for Erik‘s order. Whilst Angel and Mystique were waiting on the right and left of Erik. "Go" Erik said sharply. The three mutants walked closely to the Base’s gates and then with a Wave of Erik’s hand the metal gates opened. Inside the Government Building four guards stood opposite Erik and his team. "Ready Raven?" Erik asked turning to face the blue skinned female. "As ready as I’ll ever be" She replied.
Suddenly Erik and Angel scurried along into the corner to watch Mystique engage in her first fight. Mystique flipped back four times trying to dodge the guards gun shots. She then ran forward, jumped I the air and smacked her foot into the first guards face. Mystique cart wheeled to the left and delivered a punch into the second guards chest as she spun around to deal with the other two guards One of them stood their with their gun aimed at her head. Then she looked to her left and realised Erik was holding all the metal in the guards gun to keep him frozen. "Thanks Erik, wait where’s the fourth guard? She asked quickly spinning around to see Angel standing over an incinerated Body. "All taken care of" Angel stated smiling slyly at her team mate. The three mutants then carried on walking until they spotted Riptide and Azazel fighting with more guards. Riptide was launching gusts of wind at three guards whilst Azazel was slicing bodies up with his pincer like tail. "Once your done here join me in the vault." Erik said. As he carried on walking.
Erik and his team mates then entered a large conference room where a meeting was in place. "What the…Who are you? How did you get here?" one man asked. "Never you mind, it’s what I want that matters" Erik replied. And suddenly his team got to work. Azazel repeatedly transported around looking for files on other Mutants that could help with Erik’s upcoming event. Riptide hurled beams of wind at the guards. Angel spat acidic bombs at the metallic guns pointed at her. Whilst his team was busy Erik and Raven made their way to the back of the room where the vault lay. "Stand Back" He commanded. Erik then raised his hands for the vault to open. The two mutants then waltzed into the metal room to find piles of folders scattered about the room. "Search the enitre files I want the best mutants found, oh and No kids".

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