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x3 was premiered yesterday in mexico



x men the last stand was premiered in a special projection in mexico city , halle berry and hugh jackman give interviews and they walk through the red carpet of the auditorio nacional you can watch the report at the mexican tv news televisa.
on the interview halle and hugh were cuestioned about the mexican migration problem , and they give a nice answer about .
I attended the X-Men: The Last Stand Premiere in Mexico City. Finally after a complete chaos because people got really crazy when Hugh Jackman and Halle Berry arrived I got my X2 book and a picture form the press kit from the first movie both signed by Hugh.
In the middle of everyone,pushing and screaming I knew I had to attract their attention and the book was definitely the best option because everyone had posters and cards and magazines. The moment Hugh saw the book he walked right to me and took the book and signed it!
He was so nice, taking time to give out autographs to many people running one way and the other greeting people and giving away signed t-shirts. He evn kissed and hugged a friend of mine who was next to me.
It was really exciting!!!
Then inside the National Auditorium in Mexico City where the premiere took place Hugh and Halle took a moment to thanks the people and even Hugh asked all the audience to sing Happy Birthday for his father so he could record it to him. It was almost 10000 people singing!!!

The movie is really really good but no spoilers here .

The few pics from the event that are not blurry (imagine the quality of the others)






foreign audiences and premieres have always proved to be more fanatical...it looks like loads of fun...I've never been to sponsored movie premiere but I am jealous...it just seems that the reception X3 is getting...once it hits American audiences, is going to sweep the nation into an X-summer...I used to think this movie stood to make 300million but now with all this great hype and these special premieres...can anyone else see it making 300+?

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