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Sep 27, 2005
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Gives me a chance to ask across the whole spectrum, what are the best fights of each of the anime series that you watch?

in the whole of dragonball it was

goku vs cell (followed closely by picollo vs #17)

in naruto it's

rock lee vs gaara

in ninja scroll it's

jubei vs gemma

in gundam it's

wu fei vs heero in endless waltz

in virus buster serge it's either

raven vs serge or serge vs the first big monster

not sure about akira or kaidohmaru

street fighter 2

chun li vs balrog

in street fighter alpha

ryu and ken vs android and proffessor

not sure about ray earth.

oh and in advent children it's hard to choose but i will have to go with the

group of goodies vs materia beast

i'll get back to the rest when they come to mind.
I have watched to many fight scenes I love to list them all in one posting. If the subject was slightly less broad I could though. srry
off the top of my head at the moment ...

-Goku vs. 5 guys in Tree of Might movie :up:

-Asuka in her EVA unit killing, or at least slowing down, the 9 white EVA series from whatever those guys name were ... I think it was SEELE :confused: anyways, she kicked some major ass right there ... from E.O.E :up:

-Jin vs. The Hand of God samurai & Mugen v. the 3 brothers in episodes 25-26 of Samurai Champloo

-Spike's gun fight against Vicious & his men in episode 26 of Cowboy Bebop

-Maggie vs. Sonny Wong in episode 13 of R.O.D TV

-Yomiko Readmans fight with the guy with the light saber in R.O.D OVA

-Souske (spelling?) fighting against the 5 mechs in episode 13 of FMP: The Second Raid

-Grave's gunfight with Bunji in episode 24 of Gungrave

I'll add more later ...
I know this doesn't really invonve the subject, but how many postings do I need to use and Avatar?


Janemba vs Vegeta & Goku

Broli vs Goku and Vegeta

Bebi Vegeta vs SSJ4 Goku


Saskue vs Anyone

Kakeshi vs Zabuza

Street Fighter:

Guile vs Ken

Sgt. Bison vs Ken & Ryu

Ken vs Vega


Team Velshtein vs Team Satomi (Finals)

Gundam SEED:

Raww Le Klueze vs Anyone

Gah, King of Bandist Jing......there's too many
-gohan vs cell or goku vs vegeta for the first time.

-rock lee vs gaara and naruto vs sasuke

YuYu Hakusho
-yusuke vs yomi or sensui

Ruroni Kenshin
-kenshin vs ShinomoriAoshi

-Inuyasha vs Byakuya (to me)

there is more but those are my top 5 favorite anime
3. Spike vs. ED's Dad

2. Spike vs. Pierrot le Fou

1. Tien Shinhan vs. Nappa
I'm going to have to say Goku & Vegeta and even though i know i'm probably going to be crucified for this :Goku and Frieza.I know the fight went on for way too long(way too may eps), but i loved it anyway. Also any of Edwards serious fights on Fullmetal alchemist and any of Kenshin's serious fights. Oh and the fight at the end of FLCL. It was hilarious and yet kind of sad......
but the goku vs frieza fight was incredibly anti-climatic especially consdering how long it took...

no big attack to finish, goku pretty much owned frieza, stopped fighting, started fighting again, frieza got sliced up by his own attack, stopped fighting, gave him some energy, frieza started an attack, goku *****ed him.

true both my goku vs cell and piccollo and 17 ended in stalemates but at least the adrenalin was still there when right up till the end.
Kyubii Naruto vs Cursed seal level 2 sasuke
Gaara vs kimmaro
Gaara vs Rock Lee
Rock Lee vs kimmaro
Picollo vs 17
Goku vs Cell
Goku vs Vegeta (first fight)
Goku vs Kid BUU
Vegetto vs Super BUU
Sasuke vs Orochimaro
Luffy vs Crocodile (final fight)
Luffy vs Arlong
Kenshiro vs Raoh
Ranma vs Ryoga (fight where Ryoga first uses breaking point)
Ishida Uuryu vs Kurotsuchi Mayuri
Rock Lee vs. Gaara (Seriously :up: )
Kyubi Naruto vs. Cursed Sasuke (This was so dramatic!)
Piccolo Dai Maku vs. Goku (I loved how he won :O)
Piccolo vs. Goku part two (I thought it was impossible for Goku to win this time)
Ten Shin Han vs. Goku(I laughed how Ten Shin Han won... best win, ever!)
Corinthian™ said:
Rock Lee vs. Gaara (Seriously :up: )
Kyubi Naruto vs. Cursed Sasuke (This was so dramatic!)
Piccolo Dai Maku vs. Goku (I loved how he won :O)
Piccolo vs. Goku part two (I thought it was impossible for Goku to win this time)
Ten Shin Han vs. Goku(I laughed how Ten Shin Han won... best win, ever!)
Good call on that Piccolo vs. Goku fight. That was definitely a good one.
Goku vs. Majin Vegeta
Kenshin vs. Sano (1st time)
Mugen vs. Shouryuu
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vs. Shredder
Spike vs. Vicious and his men
Yugi vs. Kaiba (Battle City)
SSj Goku Vs Freiza
Spike Vs Vincent Volaju(Cowboy Bebop the movie)
Shishio vs. Aoshi

Kenshin vs. Sanosuke (round 2)

Kenshin vs. Aoshi (round 2)
Dio vs. Jotaro and company from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Amuro vs Char from the battle at A Baoa Qu, both the mobile suit and fencing fight

Ken and Ryu vs M. Bison from SF2 the Animated movie

Rock Lee vs Gaara

and finally, although it was manga exclusive

Mamoru Takamura vs Brian Hawk in Hajime no Ippo(shame it was never animated)
Even though the entire End of Evangelion movie was completely and totaly tripped out, I did like Asuka's fight with the 9 white evas. She was tore up, thought she won, and bam they come back.

I also liked the fight that started off Escaflowne the movie. The one where Van falls from the sky onto that airship, oh ya. He murdulized em.

I love all the fights in Witch Hunter Robin. They weren't really fist fights but the witch powers rocked.

Oh and the first fight scene of New Fist of the North Star. Exploding heads, messy >p
Rock Lee/Gaara
Genma/Baki (Dude... Genma so Owned Baki with that Senbon!)

Every Battle in Gantz

Every Battle in Elfen Lied. Mainly when the Girl in the wheel chair gets owned by Lucy. That was funny...
Spike vs. Pierrot Le Fou, really twisted and an awesome ending.

Spike vs. Vicious, both from episode 5 and episode 26.

Spike vs. Vincent, really its Spike vs. Spike, or doppleganger Spike.

Vash vs. Knives

Vash vs. Legato, once Vash kills Legato, Rem really does leave him for good.

Ed Elric vs. Greed, my favorite fight out of all of Fullmetal Alchemist.

Naruto vs. Sasuke, Naruto loses, but Sasuke didn't kill him, Sasuke still hasn't fully crossed over. Sasuke lacks true killing intent. I think hanging out with Naruto so much rubbed off on him.

Naruto vs. Neji, pretty much a perfect fight. Naruto teaches a condescening punk a lesson and makes him humble. Naruto proves that he's a brilliant ninja in his own way. He's unorthodox and an outside the box thinker.

Ichigo vs. Byakukuya Kuchiki, BAN KAI *****ES!
this naruto vs sasuke fight everyone is raving about, the thing put me to sleep :o

naruto fights aren't even enjoyable unless gaara or rock lee are in them (which makes the gaara vs rock lee one sensational just on that basis)
Goku vs Cell

The Satelite vs Tutsuo

Goku vs Kid Buu

The Trojin vs that other guy in legend of the overfiend
Spike vs. Vicious ep 5 in the church and the last ep.

Saito vs. Kenshin
Kenshin vs Enishi

Gohan vs. Cell (esp. the part when Goku's spirit is behind Gohan helping him with the Kamehameha)

Mugen and Jin's fights in the last ep. of Champloo

Piccolo vs. #17

Goku vs. Super 17 (loved when S17 says to Goku 'Die' and Goku responds 'F#ck you! Japanese ver.)

Guile vs. Ken or should I just say Guile beating the crap outta Ken

Yusuke vs. Yomi

Jubei vs Gemma
Jubei vs Ututsu

Joe Higashi vs Wolfgang Krauser....poor Joe

Van Fanel (Escaflowne the movie) vs everyone in the airship...nice beginning to a movie

Got more I know it....

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