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2012 NFL Pick em: Let's get picked!

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Feb 15, 2001
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Alright you bums, I am Immortalfire, the commissioner of the Hype NFL pick em. Along side my ever ready deputy commissioner, Mister J, we officially welcome you to the 2012 edition of the pick em. :hyper:


It's simple. Each week you pick the winners of that week's NFL agenda. Be warned though, sometimes you'll probably have to pick against your team! :wow:

Remember these three main rules:
1. Use your Hype name when you sign up.
2. Don't miss making your picks.
3. Stick with the game all season.

1. Immortalfire
2. Donut
3. Byrd Man
4. TheOnlyOmega
5. Kane52630
6. Mister J
7. Erzengel
8. KALEL114
9. NewYorkSpider
10. steintym
11. Venom'sDad
12. Genesis 1.0
13. Vindrow
14. Hush
15. KBX
16. Poeman
17. The Incredible Hulk
18. ComicChick
19. Hotwire
20. Matt
21. Rowsdower!

The pick em is on.
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So,we're playing on Yahoo instead of The Hype?
That's the way it's always been. Yahoo gives me a great big heap of money to use their pick em page.

Sign me up, doctor!

woop woop woop woop!!
Pm sent I hope I pick better this year.
PM Sent. I'm going to take a page of Rex Ryan's playbook and predict a Pick Em League Title, then I'm going to take a page out of Tom Coughlin's playbook and actually win it. :o
Start the celebration early with me winning this
Here it is, that most sacred prize sought by us all. It is more valued than a Matt Moore autographed football.

The Dennis Green Trophy!

Signed up and ready to go. Hopefully I can do better than my 9th place finish from last year.
Message sent, and looking forward to another year.
'fire did you get my PM?
Yes, but I'm choosing to ignore it at the moment :hehe:
Actually, this damned lag is keeping me from responding as quickly as I'd like, so be patient.
Yeah, that's right, I'm in...........................like Flynn.

We'll be full up soon. If you PM me and don't get a response, it means we're full.

Or we otherwise don't want you.
Make way, make way for the reigning Pick 'Em Champion peasants.
Fire I sent you PM...want to make my usual annual sign up
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