2013: The year Science Fiction comes back!


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Oct 31, 2006
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I've always loved science fiction and although it's often been present in blockbuster films for the last few years it's not really hard sci-fi, usually something big with sci-fi themes like Transformers.

2013 has so many interesting science fiction film projects coming though. What are you most looking forward to?

(I ticked just about all of them)

Here's some trailers for some of the more obscure on the list...

The Prototype trailer

After Earth trailer

Oblivion trailer

Pacific Rim trailer (Not obscure, I just like it :yay:)
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Um, we saw Prometheus, Looper, The Hunger Games and more this year, as well as films like Inception and District 9 recently. I wouldn't say sci-fi is gone. But yes, it looks like it may have another strong year.
Elysium will reign supreme! So hyped for that one it's not even funny :p
Was Science Fiction away? I didn't notice that, with all the Sci Fi movies in 2012...
did you really put not sure if it counts as sci fi for man of steel?

superman is an alien from a different planet for god sakes lol
I for one count sci-fi as stories that takes place in space.
There are so many other movies that has science fictiony elements in them that you kinda have to draw a line somewhere to seperate them from the crowd.
Sci-fi is a broad, all encompassing genre. Most superhero movies technically count as sci-fi also.

And Days of Future Past is 2014...
I agree about there being a line, but space definitely isn't the line. Chronicle I think is more straight up sci-fi than superhero, and it has nothing with space.

And other than aliens coming from space, none of District 9 takes place in space.
Some trailers in front of The Hobbit I saw were the trailers for Oblivion, After Earth and Star Trek Into Darkness. They all look so similar when played back-to-back like that... still excited for them, but dayum.

God, I loved that Star Trek preview but Pacific Rim is my most anticipated, so that's what I'm going with.
I honestly need to see more of everything before I make a decision.

By the way, the SHH movie awards discussion thread will be up tomorrow!
Good space based science fiction films I've always thought were few and far between.
I've always preferred sci-fi that isn't space-based. Something about being removed from a relatable environment just bugs me. I don't mind alien worlds or whatever but stuff just going on in a spaceship or whatever rather bores me.
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Robopocalypse isn't out until 2014, just a heads up, same for Xmen.

There's been a lot of solid scifi films, from some smaller budget stuff up to big budget studio films for the past few years, especially since about 09 or so with Moon and District 9.

As for scifi films of the next few years, I am most excited for Gravity from Alfonso Curon.
Holy moses, so many films to look forward to. And I believe that many of them will be big hits, but some also to be disappointments and not bringing in as much money as expected. Some will also lack the quality that the hype around it make us hope for.
But I think the typical "action film" is close to death by now. The genre has changed and we're getting sci fi action instead. The list above kinda marks the change. And it's more films than just the superhero ones
Elysium and Gravity :awesome::up:.





all here are original movies . no books,comics or short stories. they take inspiration from scifi history and made something new. bravo.
i think the bigger problem with Gravity is that they didnt realese a promo pic. not a singe image. and i talked to some people that worked on the effects in 2012. around 80% was finished months ago.

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