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50 Shades of Grey

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Meh. Fifty Shades of Who-Gives-A-**** :awesome:.
It's an entertaing book. Don't hate. :p

Supposedly, Brad Pitt is in the lead to play Christian Grey. Only problem is he's too old for the role (48 year guy playing a 27 year old character). However, I think with his great acting ability, makeup, and going back to his Fight Club / Troy workout, he could pull it off.

Although, I can see Chris Pine, Matt Bomer, or Kellan Lutz getting the role.

An established star would have another guaranteed hit with this movie, but an up and comer would most likely become an automatic A-Lister.
Now who should play the lead female? The mind runs with visions of Mila Kunis all tied up :D
No way they get this into a PG-13.
Yippee, poorly written soft core porn is going to be made into a film.
I'm disappointed at how Hollywood continues to corrupt the youth.

I fear 12 year olds will be into bondage thanks to this!

Damn Hollywood...
There's not going to be any big names attached to this imo.

I can't believe re-worked twillight fan fiction can become so successful? that's the power of the repressed housewives of america for you i guess.
Have any of you hating on it actually read it? It's really not bad
Yeah its not bad. Its ****ing awful. My biggest gripe is that it is being passed off as groundbreaking literature. Its BDSM porn born from the loins of Twilight.
Yippee, poorly written soft core porn is going to be made into a film.

Worse, poorly written Twilight fan-fiction is being made into a movie. :barf:

That's what it is. It started out as a story called "Masters of the Universe" that this woman apparently spammed over a bunch of Twilight message boards.

These books were written by a crazy woman who sat around imagining Robert Pattinson doing these things to her. :dry:
Now who should play the lead female? The mind runs with visions of Mila Kunis all tied up :D

If they cast Mila Kunis, I'll find a way to see this movie somehow. :hrt:
Oh no you didn't with this thread :hehe:
Whoever gets cast, I hope it's actors I don't care for, because the ones I do like, I wouldn't want them in this crap
Meh. Fifty Shades of Who-Gives-A-**** :awesome:.

"Fifty Shades of Grey? Fifty Shades of Nothing! I read better sex books in junior high!"
- Actual quote from my (female) coworker
I think I'd rather take a **** on my own head. :o
I can't take this seriously since everything I know about it comes from Selena Gomez's Fifty Shades of Blue video. If it really is a good parody of the book there is no way that will be a good movie. And it's the first of a trilogy? Really?
How well would this have been received if the gender roles were reversed?

As if it wasn't pathetic enough.
lmao...even a few co-workers of mine are reading the books. lmao. whatever..
Or Emma Stone? swap Spidey's web for those silk ties! :p

wow...while I love Emma Stone and knowing she could do almost anything, I could see her...in a type of movie like this...I'd see it just for her though.
Emma could definitely pull of Anastasia...

Yes, I've read the book, a part of it anyway...my girlfriends!

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