A British Vigilante in New York.


Sep 8, 2003
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This is something Iv'e been writing for a while now, Iv'e always wanted to write a vigilante type story of some kind. So here it is :) It's about a young british teenager who decides to travel to America and opt a life of fighting crime. I should note that there is a lot of violance in this, so it isn't really for young kids.

Chapter 1, Walking in the Dark.

I love taking walks at night. They help to calm me down, so I can collect my thoughts after a hard day
at work...and I think about my past. I head down the main road at the edge of my town and take a strole towards Radar Hill. (aptly named, it has a huge Radar/Mast of some kind on top of it, I'm not sure what for though). I walk slowly and carefully up the hill through the settled winter snow, my heavy legs plunge deeply into the soft white powder. ( the first wev'e had in five years). This is such a quiet town, I think to myself, very peaceful with only a few thousand people living here. But I don't have many friends, in other words I'm very un-sociable. Every week I hang out with a handful of friends Iv'e kept in touch with from college and that's about it, but that's enough for me.... I suppose I like being alone. Damn my arms are numb, Its very cold tonight and I'm not wearing many layers, but hey I don't need to these days.

Hmmpph I'm rambling on, What I really want to tell you about is what I got up to a few years ago. In New York City. Thats right, The Big Apple its'self. I'm quite famous there, or at least the person I used to be was. I had a job there you see, not exactly 9 to 5 like most people. It was difficult sometimes, I'm lying, it was difficult all the time. But I did it because I had to. Every fibre of my being demanded it. I was a vigilante, a crimefighter for justice. Don't believe me? I don't believe it myself sometimes, but it was all real. It's an incredibley stupid thing to do now that I look back. And I paid the price....god did I pay. It all started four years ago, on valentines day 2001, a day that changed my life forever.
Please continue! I'm british too and would love to read some more.
Thanks for posting :) Yeah I'm going to continue it, and post the next chapter on Valantine's Day :)
Meh sod valentines day, it's ready now.

Chapter 2, The Valentine's Day Massacre.

Mornings aren't my strong point....I don't do them well. I'm a grouchy, moody, a**hole in the morning and I mean every morning, every day of my life. I actually feel physically sick most mornings, probably because of my insomnia. I sleep around four to five hours on a good night but at least two nights per week I don't sleep at all, last night was a good night. I look over at my alarm clock, which is beeping and BEEPING and BEEPING! I glare at it as if trying to emote to it to shut the hell up...but alas no dice. ( I really think those kind of words in my head, too many American Mafia movies) I ignore the beeping for about 30 seconds and cover my ears by wrapping my pillow around my head.

I hate school, no thats not true I like school, I just hate getting up for it ha. I decide I'm not taking any bullsh** from this alarm clock anymore so I grab my pillow and hurtle it towards the darn thing with awesome rage and accuracey. What good is a pillow against an alarm clock you say? Well I had taken the plastic casing off of the back the night before so that if its knocked over at all...the batteries just fall out. A Perfect HIT! The alarm clock wobbles and falls straight off of its resting place on my desk, SMASH! crap...not only did the batteries fall out but the cheap piece of crap shattered. Oh well, I'll have to shuvvell out a few quid for a new one today. I get out of bed and clear the mess up, slap my wrist watch on and grab a pair of shorts and the first T-Shirt I find in a bundle of clothes in the corner of my room. I'm a lazy arse you see, why bother with wardrobes when you can just put everything on the floor ready to pick up? I look down at my watch to see the time, 10:30am. Iv'e missed my first class and am half an hour late for second period. 2nd period? I scratch my head....wonderful ( it comes to me) Maths, the most useless subject in the modern world, Mr Beardsley wont be happy, thats the second time Iv'e missed it this month. My Dad wont be happy either, he's an electronic engineer employed by a very successful company. He tells me that they design radio and missile guidence systems for the government and that I'm not supposed to tell anyone because it's all very hush-hush, yeah my Dad is a bit of a geek sometimes, but he's also my best friend. I take a quick shower, get dressed and then I'm off to school. No breakfast, I'm not really a breakfast kinda guy anyway because I'm never hungry in the morning.

I run into Ben on the way there, he's a mate of mine in my year. Infact I walk to school with him everyday and have done for the past two years. "hey Ben mate, you oversleep too?" I say to him while yawning like a dog. "yea, I was up all night watching porn on TV" he replies with a grin on his face. I reply harshly "Didn't really need to know that mate". We're good friends really, he's a bit of a loner just like me...keeps to himself and all. We walk towards school down an alleyway in town, theres a train bridge above the alleyway in the middle, with a familiar face sitting under it. "Hi Pod-Mud, we shout at him. Pod-Mud is the towns local bum or homeless person to be more politically correct. And it's not like we call him that out of spight, see he's been there for years in shelter under the bridge from the rain. All the school kids who use the alley way are friends with Pod-Mud. He chose the name itself actually or so the legend goes. We aren't sure how long he's been living there, but kids in the sixth form tell the tail to the younger year groups. They say that he used to be a student at our school, which I suppose is possible since he looks around 55 years old and the school has been open for 60 years. He's an incredibley friendly bloke as a matter of fact and the school board including students parents aren't at all bothered by his interaction with the passing children. " Got anything to trade today lads? " he utters. Pod-Mud isn't your average bum, instead of begging for spare change...he trades with passers by. " let me check my Blazer pocket mate " says Ben. "Ah yea, Iv'e got a Pool chalk cube here, interested?" Pod-Mud glares at the cube like it's some kind of holy treasure. "Brilliant, he says I have a Dairy Milk chocolate barr, fresh this morning lets trade".
The two of them exchanged goods, then we carried on towards school. "Have you got a valentines card for anyone today John?" I look down at my watch, the date reads FEB 14. "Nope." I reply after a long pause. There is a girl though, that I like. Her name is Leah, damn what a beautiful name. She's a brunette about my height ( 5ft10 ) she always looks and smells great...like strawberries. And she's always nice to everyone, including me....which is rare, as most of the girls in my year are all quite stuck up and only go for the older guys in the sixth form. I didn't get her anything though because theres no point really. She's way out of my reach....out of my league. Why would a girl like her even think about a guy like me in that way.

We arrive at the school's front gate. As I said before, it's an old school. These days schools are made modern and attractive looking, ours looks like a prison on the outside and its not much better inside either. Even having said that, I still have a bond with this school....the teachers aren't all that bad apart from Mr Beardsley who will probably have me castrated today. ( I nod my head agreeing with my own thoughts ) Ben stars at me a little wierd. Maths lesson is over, I hear the school bell ring...god damnit Iv'e already had enough from my alarm clock at home. Hmmph I'd better go to Mr Beardsleys room and appologise for being late (again). As I walk towards C Block where his classroom is I notice that nobody from my math class is passing by me...they should all be walking past me right now towards the lunch room while laughing at me, and shouting things like "ha your gonna get it John, innit".....words cannot express how much I hate that word.( and any other slang really). I arrive at the classroom, take a long deap breath and open the door.

The first thing I saw was that everyone was still here, but not sitting down. They were all standing up huddled together at the back of the classroom. What the hell is this, has the twit kept everyone back after class or something? But no that wasn't it. Everyone starred at me with piercing eyes. Wait a second... Why is sarah dilbey crying.... she stood there in the huddle of students, looking at me like the rest but tears streaming down her face.... Something isn't right I thought. Infact a few of the girls were crying, and a couple of the guys aswell. At this point I was extremley worried and un-easy...."What the hell is going on you lot?" I say with a deep look of confusion on my face. None of them answered. They all looked at me with a kind of hopeless anger, some nodded their heads sideways, as if I shouldn't have spoken. I hear something click behind me, "Sky rockets in flight...affternoon delight...." The radio had been switched on by someone standing behind me. When I opened the door I took a few steps as I walked into the room, my attention was immidiatley drawn towards the students faces, I'd forgotten that Mr Beardsly's desk is right behind me and to my right. For a second my attention is drawn back to the huddle, where is Leah I thought to myself. My thoughts were interrupted by a deep raspy voice that I didn't recognise. " Turn around......and do it fuc**** slowly " the voice said. I was scared now, and rightly so As I turned around I saw Mr Beardsly sitting at his desk with his upper body laying on it, his arms spread out and his face pale and flat on the desk aswell. That's when I noticed the blood, all over his desk and dripping off the edge onto the floor. His throat had been cut. My eyes were now wide open with shock and I felt sick to my stomach. I had also stopped turning around as my whole body simply refused to move out of fear of death. "I SAID TURN AROUND!" The man yelled at the top of his lungs. This terrified me straight to the core. My new priority was to get my stupid legs working again and turn around. So I did. My eyes couldn't quite adjust to what I was seeing. A very tall and well built man of about 300 lbs, stood there glaring at me. He looked extremley angry...Iv'e never seen anybodies face so full of hate. But that wasn't what terrified me. What terrified me, was that he was holding a student across her chest with his left arm and with his right, he held a buck nife to her neck.
It was Leah. A few sparks flew in my brain and suddenly I knew who the man was. Leah had told me last week that she was being bothered by some older guy who kept trying to chat her up, she had turned him down on several occasions. Apparently he didn't know when to give up. Leah looked at me with intense Bloodshot eyes, from crying too much. Her chin was also crumpled up and shaking, she was white as a sheep and terrified beyond belief. Her legs were wet, I looked down at the floor to see a puddle of urine. I looked back up at her, and into her petrified eyes...I then started to cry myself, but I tried to stop and pull myself together to stay alert. My face grew angry, I looked at the man with drilling eyes. He noticed this "Hey kid, don't do anything stupid!" he yelled at me. I wasn't about to either, I knew that If I made any kind of move, it would be over and he'd cut her throat. I was too far away from them anyway to jump him and try to take the knife in time. Right now I couldn't even belive I was contemplating the possibilities at all. I mean, I'd had training for years in Jeet Kune Do, but I wasn't trained to take on a situation like this. My thoughts ceased, as Leah was trying to get my attention with her eyes. I looked at her confused, and she began to mime something to me with her lips very slowly, but as clear as day. "Help me John" she said without making a sound. "Sky rockets in flight, afternoon delight..ahh aftern..." SODDING RADIO. My head felt like it was about to explode, I'd do anything for Leah but How can I do this? He will kill her If I move I'm sure of it.
I think to myself for a moment. Why would he be here holding her, unless he intended to go through with it. So then I change my mind, I'm going to help you Leah, I said to myself. If I do nothing your going to die. If I do something...then maybe you'll have a chance. A douzen options run through my head, after I realise that there is no talking him out of this, only one option seems clear to me. I have to be as quick as I possibly can...quicker than ever before, quicker than I am in training or in friendly competition. I decide that I will wait for the right moment for his gaze to drift away for a split second. Then jump forward with my arms clumped together, and swing them down as hard as possible onto his right forearm, bringing his arm and the knife down from Leah's neck. After that I don't care what happens to me as long as Leah and the others are safe. I look at the man's face like a hawk and he looks back at me with a horrible smirk that filled me with rage. I wait and wait for the right moment, the longest few seconds of my entire life. He turns his head and looks to the side of the room at the door, this is it. I am a split second away from jumping at him when the door is flung open by another teacher, Mrs Green. "Good Heavens!" She screams at the top of her Lungs. This came as a shock to the man. He lifted his arm away from Leah's neck. Thank god i thought to myself, maybe he will just run away. "AEERGHHH!" Leah screams, louder than anything Iv'e ever heard before as the man swings his arm and drives the buck knife all the way into her chest. He lets go of her with his left arm and she falls to the floor. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" I yell, as I fall to my knees. The other students are yelling and screaming now too, it is anarchy. My eyes watch as the man then grabs a hold of Mrs Green and cuts her throat. I watch..in sheer shock of what has happened. The man is crying now too, he holds the knife out in front of him now with two hands, turns it towards himself and stabbs himself in the chest....and falls flat on his face right in front of me.
At this point I no longer know who I am, reality as I know it has slipped away and there is only chaos. The other students run out of the room screaming, and one of them smashes the glass of the fire alarm on the wall. I don't exactly recall what happened next, I believe I stood up, picked up the radio that was still playing and threw it at the back wall of the classroom as hard as I could. It smashed into a million pieces and I let out a cold hard yell of anguish. "AAAHRGHH!"
"John..." A faint voice speaks my name. It's Leah! I rush over to her, and almost slip over the blood on the floor. I crouch down and look into her eyes..she's still alive, barely. "Leah, stay still I'm going to get help for you, I'm going to get an ambulance your going to be alright" I say in desperation. She begins to speak, my jaw drops. " John,...it's getting dark in here...John I feel cold." I burst into tears, " Leah don't speak your going to be fine, please just hold on I'll be right back with help". I start to get up but Leah grabs hold of my leg with her arm. "John, I...I was going to...give you this earlier" She points to her pocket in her school blazer and urges me to look inside. I pull out an envelope. "Open it" she utters. I open it carefully, my hands are shaking insanely. It's...... a valentine's card!?! addressed to me it reads: "Dear John, Iv'e always liked you and I'm hoping you like me too, will you be my valentine?" Signed Leah, XX. "I wanted.. to to give you it earlier John, but you...you weren't here, why weren't you here this morning John?" She says very faintly, stammering, tears streaming down her soft cheaks. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry I overslept....." She smiles at me. I lean down, hold her up and kiss her on her forehead, "Leah Please don't die...Leah please...I love you" I whisper to her. "John, what? Whats..happening John, where are we? I can't, can't keep my eyes open. I'm tired...so tired, John" Everything is now in slow motion, as the event finally dawns on me. Her eyes close and she utters my name one last time silently. Her head goes limp and falls backwards and she dies in my arms.
That's quite gripping. Is this part in England? It sounds like it with the 6th form, etc. but I wasn't sure. And please continue.
Chapter 3, Some Friendly advice.

Three months have passed since Valentine's day. Three months of...hysteria. The whole ordeal was national news of course (and officially the bigest and most terrible thing to ever happen in our small town), every news channel, every newspaper all wanted to interview students who were there. I even got a call from ITV asking me to come on to their breakfast show to talk about it all, I declined....I didn't feel up to it for some reason. Then there's the police, they interviewed everyone who was there, to verify exactly what happened. They also offered everyone councilling...christ, I just wanted to be left alone as usual. Some of the other kids went for it though...some of them really needed it. Sarah Dilbey apparently had a mental breakdown over it all and has been shipped off to some mental institution, poor girl I hope she feels better. And me, I'm a total recluse now according to most people. So I don't get out much anymore, I have always liked being alone. I just stay at home, go to school when I have to and continue to train in martial arts.

Jeet Kune Do is brilliant, but I decided that it's just not enough. So I started attending Krav Maga classes aswell. At first I went to join the towns local Karate club, but quickly learned that Karate is about as useful as a frying pan made out of chocolate. I was actually kicked out after an amusing turn of events at a competition. The competition was a non contact Karate tournament where you compete against people from other clubs from different counties. It wasn't my fault really. My opponant in the first round was a cocky git with no fighting ability at all, so i thought I'd hold back and win convincingley. The rules state that you have to pull your punches...he apparently didn't care for those rules. The match began and he advanced at me and jabbed at my face ( which your also not allowed to do) and followed through. It didn't phase me, The refferee gave him a warning for it and the guy smiled back at me before we began again. We bowed at eachother and the fight continued, he then proceeded to side kick me right in my left kidney pretty hard. I just didn't see it coming as I thought he'd learned his lesson. The fight was stopped and the refferee gave him his 2nd warning, one more would result in his diss-qualification. We bowed slowly and as we did so I whispered to him, "try something like that again, I dare you" I knew that me provoking him would get him to do it. I don't know why I said it to him, i never speak to people in that way. We were side stepping around eachother, and I was about to punch at him when he tried to kick me in the groin. I saw it coming, drove my tightened fist right down into his shin as his leg approached and then jabbed him on the chin. He went down like the Titanic, I bowed at his unconscious body and walked away. It was pretty funny actually, everyone in the crowd was speachless for a moment. Someone yelled "Is the dude dead?" another "This is way better than WWE". I bowed before a speachless sensei who was overseeing the event, grabbed my bag, walked out of the arena and got the Bus home. Aside from Krav Maga ( which is awesome ) I have generally just been working out in the gym more often, not building more muscle really but working on defining my body and improving my flexability and speed. Iv'e been reading psychology books too, I love learning about human body language and I think I'm going to take this subject as an A level.

As you can see, I'm not dealing with Leah's death very well. Isolating myself from everyone apart from my martial arts teachers. Every night I find myself laying in bed thinking. Why didn't I get up that day and go to school on time. I could have been there, maybe I could have stopped the whole situation from escalating any further than the two of them shouting at eachother. It can't help her now, second guessing your actions you shmuck ( my brain says to me ). Iv'e had everyone telling me I shouldn't blame myself and that I couldn't have changed what happened, my parents, the police, psychologists (I told those guys where they could go). But I know to my core that I probably could have if I was there when it all kicked off, Leah and the others would still be alive, and she and I would probably be together right now. I pull the valentines card she gave me out of my desk draw,...... it still smells of her perfume. The way I'm living right now, is not healthy.

I walk home from school alone, Ben has moved away from town. His parents thought the town was too dangerous to bring him up in. It's a great town really, what happened 3 months ago was a one off, Ben wasn't even in the same Class so he wasn't near any danger. I guess some parents are just too over protective.
On the way back through the alley way I come across a familiar face. "Hi there, how you doin today John", "I'm not too bad Pod-Mud, yourself?"
"Great thanks" he replies with a smile. Nothing ever dampens his spirits. I stop and sit down next to him against the wall under the bridge. " How have you been after what happened John?" Pod-Mud is a wise man who knows a surprising amount of info about the town and everyone in it despite the fact that he hardly ever leaves this spot under 'his' bridge. " I'm doing ok, thank you" I'd usually get pissed off with people if they ask me that because everyone is always asking me it. But not him, there's just something about his voice that puts you at ease I suppose. "Pod-Mud..." I pause...and continue " Do you ever wish you could go back, and do things in life differently?" He looked at me puzzled and then began to speak. "John, Let me tell you about a kid I used to know, his name was Mike. Mike used to go to your school, he was a pretty bright kid actually and popular too, everyone wanted to be his friend. He wanted to be a policeman when he grew up. But when he was seventeen something terrible happened to him that...changed him forever. His mother, was coming out of work one day and she was attacked by three thugs who jumped her before she could get into her car. The men raped her, and then killed her. When Mike found out he was devasted of course, and wanted justice. There were two eye witnesses at the scene of the crime. But they never spoke up to the police, because they were too afraid. And who would blame them really. The men were never caught, and after that Mike completley lost faith in the Law and dissmissed the idea of ever joining the Police. He thought about going after the men himself. But he didn't know where to begin. So he gave up on life, he fell apart and became a complete recluse, well into his old age. Always wishing he'd done something differently." "So...what your saying is, Mike wished he had taken the law into his own hands, and punished those men himself?" I reply. "Yes, there are times in a mans life when he should do what he thinks is morally right, despite the laws of the land, do you understand?" I knew what he was saying but I couldn't believe it really. "What your talking about is becoming a vigilante, judge jury and executioner like a freaking comic book hero!?!" I stare at him with questioning eyes. "You could put it like that, John don't you ever get sick of the way the world is governed? People aren't safe these days, the police...I respect them but they aren't out there on the streets enough, stopping crimes as and when they happen. Something should be done in places where crime is out of controll" "I suppose" But I don't just 'suppose' I actually agree with what he is saying 100%. "John, your a smart Kid, don't let your talents go to waste if you can help it" I sharply turn to him. " Pod, what the hell are you suggesting, that I should..." He stops me, "I'm not suggesting anything John, I'm just giving you some advice to think about. I'm a little tired now I'm going to catch some sleep, see you tomorow" Pod-Mud curls up in his blanket, I stand up and scratch my head not really taking in the conversation I'd just had. Could I really do something like that, become a crime fighter who operates outside the law? Of course not, this is real life not a comic book I'd get caught by the police or shot by some two bit mugger. Or would I? All of a sudden the memory of Leah being stabbed through her heart flashes through my mind, and I feel sick to my stomach. I start to walk home again, taking a few steps...then I stop and turn around to see My friend sleeping peacefully under the bridge. Everything becomes clear to me now. "Thanks.......... Mike." I turn again and continue walking home.
Thanks guys really appreciate it :D

Will be posting more tonight or tomorow.
Chapter 4, Ready or Not.

Beads of sweat pour down my face and drip from my chin. I'm getting tired, this is hard. Iv'e been running for hours now, but I have to keep going...I have to be ready. I look down at the meter on the treadmill, 17 miles, thats the most Iv'e ever done... but its not enough. Outside the gym at the reception desk the employees stare in at me through the glass window. "10 quid says he trips over and dies" one of them says. The other frowns and replies " He's been in there too long, boss said we aren't supposed to let people run the tredmill for more than an hour at a time. I'm gonna stop him and tell him he's had enough".
"Hey mate, I think youv'e been on there too long now, time for you too leave you can come back tomorow." I keep running and grunt at him "I joined this gym because it's 30 quid a month for unlimited access and now your telling me I have to leave?" "Look I know you can take it, but I'm not supposed to be letting you do this I'll get fired" He begs. I turn my head toward him while still running, "Ok... don't worry I'll stop I don't wana get you fired" I turn the machine off and step down, dry myself off with a towel and down a bottle of water in a couple of seconds...that run really did wear me out maybe I am pushing myself too far.

I'm in the sixth form now, studying psychology like I wanted too. I enjoy it but at the moment It isn't as challenging as the books Iv'e been reading in my spare time. Spare time I say, that being the time I have free when I'm not in school or working out. Every day I go to the gym and work on a different muscle group, and run of course. I'm not worried about stunting my body growth because Iv'e been 5ft 10 for about 3 years now so I think Iv'e officially stopped growing. Iv'e also persuaded my dad to let me turn the garrage into my own little den. I practise my martial arts in there and a number of other things. Iv'e set up a thin steel pole that runs the whole length of the garage 3 feet from the ground to walk along and improve my balance, I can do it blindfolded now with not much trouble. And if I do fall off I punish myself. Conditioning my body is my punishment. I nail a newspaper to the breaze-block wall...and punch away at it bare fisted. Basically this conditions your knuckles to become a lot harder, or denser to use a better word. I don't know if it actually improves bone strength but it sure feels like it in the long run. Iv'e also become recently fascinated with shuriken (throwing stars for those who are used to westernised slang). I have a wooden mannequin that I practise throwing them at. My aim has been slowly improving over time but I'm not really a natural, so they are going to take a bit more work before I even think of using them.

As you can see I have come to a decision. Leah and the other's died because of a sorry perverted madman who was having a bad day, which turned out to be his last. I think Iv'e finally come to accept that she's gone...and there is nothing I can do about that. But in the back of my mind I know I could have done something had I been there. Under that familiar bridge five months ago, Mike made me realise something. You can't live in the past, your own past can seek you out.... and destroy who you are forever. He also made me understand that if I believe I can do something, If I truely believe I can make a difference then nothing should stop me. Not my friends or family, not society.....or even the law itself. That sounds crazy I know, I'm Setting myself up to come crashing down is what you're probably thinking. You'd be right, this is the real world I will eventually be caught or killed. However, I don't care at all. If I get out there and save one person before I die, I will die happy.

I'm targetting a date roughly two weeks from now to be my first night out on watch. I'm going to hang around the town centre and wait for something to happen. That might get me nowhere, this is a very quiet town after all so I'll most likley be out freezing my butt off all night. But I can't think of any other way to approach it right now. In the meantime I'm thinking of what I should wear, taking a practical perspective of course, something tells me Blue and Red Spandex won't cut it somehow. I'm going to wear my old football (soccer) shin pads, and a cup for the family jewels. No bulletproof vest or Kevlar outfit at the moment, Don't think I can afford that right now. On top of that I'll be wearing black ( how original ) Track bottoms a T-Shirt and my Black Hooddie, which is just a black sweatshirt with a hood. I also requisitioned a scruffy looking blonde wig from the acting department in school, my hair is actually Black. The idea behind that is obvious, if someone ever reports me to the Police then maybe they'll go on a wild goose chase after Goldielocks instead of me.( I hope ). As for my face I needed something to protect my identity, so I took another trip to the schools acting department prop room. Something in a box full of old rusty junk caught my eye. A white mask with black spots around the eyes and mouth and strange looking black patterns below the eyes. It's not plastic, its made from some kind of thick leathery material but it's light. And it's got some kind of adhesive stickyness on the back so that you can just peel it on and off of your face easily...Perfect. To best describe it, It looks like a cross between the Ghost Face from those Scream movies and No-Face's mask from Spirited Away ( a Japanese Anime ). I put it on and look into a mirror, it's a strange and bewildering feeling when it's not your own face looking back at you. It's damn spookey too. I'm hoping people I come across feel the same way when they look back at me. Two weeks have passed. I feel ready, but am I really? I sneak out of the house at about 11pm when the rest of my family is asleep. I have my mask in my pocket ready for me to wear when I need to. And begin to walk slowly towards the town centre unsure of what lies ahead. I'll let you know how it goes, if I make it back....
Well I pretty much stopped this fiction because I lost interest. But heres chapter five. Hope you all enjoy, post your thoughts.

Chapter 5, Crunch Time

Riley’s Bar. Its 1am now and the rain is falling. I have been perched on a nearby rooftop for nearly 2 hours now about five stories above the town centre. Riley’s Is a nice place, go in have a few drinks, watch the footy on the widescreen projector and shoot some pool. Not tonight. Tonight I’m on the other end of the spectrum, the completely opposite end. I’m sitting here wearing black clothes with a freaking white and black mask on waiting for trouble to erupt. What’s wrong with me? Why am I doing this….helping strangers, Then her face appears in my head and everything is clear again.

The Double doors swing open and I can hear shouting, but it’s not violent its football fans singing songs “We are Arsenal Super Arsenal!” they shout. Arsenal suck I think to myself, and how long have those guys been in there anyway that game finished 5 hours ago and they look plenty drunk. The rain has gotten heavier and puddles have formed on the ground outside the bar, I love the rain. Well I don’t think I’m gonna have any trouble here tonight I might as well go back home, What a ****** I am. Trained for all this time to wait for hours and nothing happens…..if every night is going to be this slow I really don’t see the point. I stand up tall on the roof and “CRAATCHOOOOUUW!” A deafening sound from a bolt of lightning nearby scares the shyte out of me, but in the flash of light it came with I saw something. A Spurs fan walking out of the bar. Oh crap, his team just lost to Arsenal and those louts are bound to say something to him about his Tottenham Shirt. “Mate, read ma lips 3-1 to the Arsenal!” one of them shouts in his face, he ignores them and tries to push past the now 7 strong mob. “you startin something mate?” “No I’m just trying to get to my car so I can go home to my wife, thanks.” “No mate, thank you for the easy win” “PHHRROOW” He punches him straight in the jaw.
Oh great now what? Wait isn’t this the part where I am supposed to leap into action like they do in the movies? I can’t move I’m too afraid there’s 7 of them! “Jump and Run John, Jump and Run…AT THEM!” A voice shouts at me in my head and I move, quicker than I have ever moved in my life! “Get up mate we aint done saying thank you to you yet” Two louts grab the man from behind and raise him to the ring leader, He looks at him and pulls his fist back again. The guy’s nose is broken already blood streaming down his face. “Thank you” He Swings, I fall, into the line of his punch that is and grab his arm twisting it around 360 degrees “Creackkkssh!” “Your Welcome.” I say in a deep grainy voice, (which I have been trying out for a couple weeks). I turn around while he writhes in pain and fire off two quick jabs to the noses of the grunts holding up the bloody nosed Spurs fan, 3 down. Wait No, Ring leader still standing and about to kick me in the groin, I can’t fail now not this early in the game! I grab his foot with relative ease as it fly’s towards my family jewels, throw it to his right with all of my body weight… turning him on his other foot and his back is now facing me. And I Jump, in the air…3 feet off the ground and drive my knee into his lower back. Harsh I know but I’m that kind of Man now. He falls to his knees. I now see the four other yobs looking at me like I’m something out of the F***ing Twilight zone. “Look at his Face! Look at his F***ing face! What the hell is he?!?!” Granted they are all drunk and if they were sober they probably would have said, why is he wearing that goofy mask? But I enjoyed the reaction plenty. “Boo!” They practically ***** themselves and run for their pathetic lives. I Turn around again, the spurs fan lying on the floor in a dazed state. The other two yobs pick themselves up, “Please don’t hurt us we’ll never do it again it was just a bit of fun!” “If this is your kind of fun then you belong in hell.” I begin to raise my arm not intending to do anything but get a reaction from them. And I do, they both scarper in opposite directions. I lean down and offer the poor guy on the floor a helping hand. He rubs himself down and wipes the blood from his face. “Who are you?” Now you might not believe this but I actually didn’t see that question coming, stupid I know… the first thing you would ask a stranger in a mask is that very question. I pause and panic for a second. “Just call me your friendly neighbourho…wait that’s been done hasn’t it?” He raises his eyebrows at me as if to say is this guy nuts or something? He’d be right. “Well… just call me whatever you want” I turn and begin to walk away down the road. “Go home to your wife now mate.”
“Thank you.” He says.

“Thanks aren’t necessary.”
Er, why go to New York to fight crime-surely there are criminals enough in good old Blighty (the UK)?


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