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The Avengers A doubt about Second Screen app


Apr 11, 2010
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I have a doubt about Second Screen app.
Ok, we have got a lot of extra material with this app, but in SD (Ipad/iPhone resolution).
Here's the question. Will we get this material in HD (1080p)? In Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase One maybe?
Possibly in a future deluxe edition bluray re-release of The Avengers. If fans don't like the Second Screen app that is offered over having an actual hard copy of the special features to watch from a disc then they should voice their opinions to Marvel/Disney. We as fans pay good money to support & buy their movies, we deserve to have all the goodies/ special features associated with our favorite movies together in one set. Not everyone can afford the best high speed internet service or other fancy devices that it takes to run all this crap.
Well I think if your laptop's not getting the second screen signal, it's because you might not have the bluetooth set right.
I know some people are having hose issues.
extras are all messed up nowerdays. the IM extras were godly hitting all aspects of production. that's in comparison to my toy story 3 3d set which has the film in it's entirety on 3 separate discs. one for 3d one for 2d and one with 2d with commentary taking up space that could have been used for extras.

i think the problem is that they want to release single disc versions, double disc versions with more extras and the 3d version. authoring and printing three types of discs is cheaper than designing each SKU to be the best it can be. and in europe adding multiple language tracks is going to take space as well.

edit: just had an extra thought about this, why can't the content be in a picture in picture via blu-ray live?
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