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    Hey all, remmember me?

    Well I said that I would post A BIT and I kept my word.

    So, for today's post I'll give u guys a preview to my project Batman One Last Laugh.

    If you might remmeber this project first started out as Batman THE Last Laugh and went through tons of development.

    Now, the thing I find most difficult in writting is the beggining, and that's what's always stopped me.

    But now, I think I've finally got it right.

    So, here we go:

    PAGE 1

    PANEL 1
    We see a large shot of a dirty street, typical in Gotham. Although it’s dirty and smells like hell, it’s peaceful, there’s no noise, no gunshots, nothing.

    PANEL 2
    The same shot only this time we see the BATMOBILE tearing through the small street! The car is 100% black and almost looks as if you’re staring at a shadow.

    PAGE 2
    PANEL 1
    A side close up of THE BATMAN! He has one hand on the wheal and is wearing his usual angry face.
    CAP1: 11:30, half an hour till midnight.
    CAP2: Most people are in bed by now, but not me.

    PANEL 2
    We get a front close up as Batman gets very angry.
    CAP1: Somewhere out there is a little boy, scared to death, in the hands of the most sadistic madman imaginable.
    CAP2: And I’m the only one who can help him.

    PANEL 3
    The car stops in front of a very worn out building and Batman jumps out.
    CAP1: Oracle provided me with coordinates; it was just a matter of getting there.
    CAP2: I know what this maniac can do and how unpredictable he can be, so I hurry like hell. As I step on the pedal, I can feel the wind through the glass.

    PANEL 4
    Batman enters the building, it’s worn out and dirty it looks like no one has lived here in decades.
    CAP1: I move slowly up the stairs; don’t want to be heard, yet.
    CAP2: Oracle told me he’s on the second floor, room 2B.

    PANEL 5
    The Dark Knight stands in front of the door to room 2B.
    CAP1: I should check the room with my optiwand, but there’s no time. I’m just going to have to trust that Oracle is right.
    CAP2: Now I want to be noticed.

    PAGE 3
    PANEL 1
    The Batman KICKS the door down with all his might and it shatters to splinters.

    Batman examines the room; it’s completely empty, save for an old couch. There is another door at the end of the hall.
    CAP1: Not here. Must be in the bathroom. Oracle has never provided me with the wrong location. Let’s not break the record now.

    PANEL 3
    The Batman heads for the bathroom.
    CAP1: If he really is in there then he’s already heard me, probably waiting around the corner to put a slug into me.

    PANEL 4
    The door BURSTS open and THE JOKER comes out firing three shots with a handgun.

    PAGE 4
    PANEL 1
    One of the bullets manages to hit Batman in the arm.

    CAP1: One of the bullets manages to get me in the arm, doesn’t matter.
    CAP2: It’s barely a flesh wound, ignore it! Damn it! Ignore it!

    PANEL 2
    Batman rushes for the door but is stopped when he sees the Joker holding the young boy with a gun to his head.
    JOKER1: Uh uh uh.
    JOKER2: Don’t you dare move a wing Batsy-boy. One move out of you and he’s dead.

    PANEL 3
    The Batman puts one hand behind his back.
    CAP1: Damn it. This is not good.
    BATMAN1: Let him go.
    JOKER1: HA! And just why would I do that? I’ve got you AND him at my fingertips.
    CAP2: He’s right, but I can’t let him be sure.
    BATMAN2: You’ve got ****.

    PANEL 4
    We’re in a close up as the backhand removes a batarang from Batman’s utility belt.
    JOKER1: Did I just hear you curse Batsy? You never seize to amaze.
    CAP1: That’s it keep him talking.
    CAP2: My backhand moves on it’s own, getting one of my, sharper batarangs.
    CAP3: That’s still a problem; he shot me in the arm so my aim is going to be off.
    CAP4: I now feel the pain shooting up my arm more than ever. I’m wondering if I’m gonna make this shot. I’ve got one chance. He’s not going to give me another.
    CAP5: I know he wouldn’t hesitate to pull that trigger and blow that poor little boy’s brains out on the floor.

    PANEL 5
    A front shot of Batman using all his strength to throw the batarang.
    CAP1: I aim as best I can and pray to god I’m fast enough.

    PANEL 6
    The Batarang hits Joker in the neck and he lets go of the boy in pain.

    PAGE 5
    PANEL 1
    The Batman throws himself at the Joker, the boy moves out of the way.
    CAP1: I throw all my weight at him, can’t let him get up.

    PANEL 2
    A close up of Batman as he lifts up one of his fists.
    CAP1: Now the bastard is down.
    CAP2: He’s not getting up again.
    CAP3: My arms seem to work without me, punch after punch.
    CAP4: I don’t feel the pain anymore, only the adrenaline flowing through my veins.

    Batman continues to punch the Joker.

    CAP1: I keep punching him until I’m sure that he’s out cold.
    CAP2: After about a minute or so I stop, my hand hurts like hell. Doesn’t matter now.

    PANEL 4
    Batman removes the batarang from the Joker’s throat. The small boy is behind him.
    CAP1: Then I remember that the maniac is bleeding to death. I should just let him die here and now, but I wont.
    CAP2: As I slowly remove the sharp blade I remember that I’m not alone here.
    BATMAN1: What’s your name?
    BRANDON1: Brandon.
    CAP3: I sense the fear in his voice, it makes my stomach cringe.
    BATMAN2: You’ll be okay Brandon; the police will be here soon.
    BRANDON2: Umm… ok.

    PAGE 6
    PANEL 1
    The Batman rips part of his cape as best as he can.
    CAP1: It’s hard to rip the cape; made out of Kevlar to stop bullet fire. There is however a small portion of it that’s leather so I can use it to glide evenly.
    CAP2: The pain in my arm starts again. I should use the cape to stop my bleeding. Instead I’m stopping his.

    PANEL 2
    Batman looks down, his eyes covered by shadow
    CAP1: I’ll live.

    PANEL 3
    As the Batman finishes tying the cape around Joker’s neck, the clown begins to speak, barley though.
    JOKER1: Hehehe… than…. thanks Batsy.
    CAP1: The maniac’s not out. Well, I’d better change that.

    PANEL 4
    The Batman brings the Joker up so they’re face to face.
    JOKER1: Oww. That…that hurt.
    JOKER2: Do it again.
    JOKER3: Hehe.
    CAP1: Even as his blood is spilling across the floor, the clown can still make a joke.

    Batman head butts the Joker in a fast and devastating motion!
    CAP1: Not anymore.

    The Joker is finally out cold.
    CAP1: That should do it.

    PAGE 7
    The Batman slowly lets the Joker fall to the ground. We can see the young boy behind him.
    ORACLE1: Batman, I’ve got police coming. Should be there in a minute, you might want to get out of there.
    BATMAN1: Roger.

    We see the side of Batman as he looks at the boy behind him.
    BATMAN1: Brandon,
    BRANDON1: Ye-yeah?

    The Batman puts his arms on the boys shoulder in hopes of calming him down.
    BATMAN1: The police will be here soon ok. I’m going to go, but I want you to not move from here.
    BRANDON1: What about… what about,
    BATMAN2: The Joker?
    BRANDON2: Um, yeah.
    BATMAN3: He wont be getting back up again. Don’t worry I’ll be watching.
    BRANDON3: O, okay.

    The Batman stands up, cape covering his body.
    CAP1: I don’t like leaving the boy here alone. But I know he’ll be all right.

    The Batman walks to the window and turns his head around to face the small, scared boy.
    BATMAN1: You’ll be okay Brandon. Trust me.
    CAP1: I believe what I say.
    CAP2: And now I hear the sirens in the background, the night is so quiet they seem like they’re two-feet-away. I’ve got to get moving.

    PAGE 8
    We now look through the boy’s point of view as The Batman jumps out the window.
    CAP1: I remember, there used to be a time when leaving a young boy with a cop would be like signing his death warrant.

    The boy heads towards the window.
    CAP1: The boy would get taken and would seamlessly disappear. Along with any reports filed.

    Birds-eye-view as the boy looks out the window.
    CAP1: But it’s not like that anymore.

    PAGE 9
    We’re looking through the night-vision goggles at the boy.
    ORACLE1: Well, that went ok.

    The Batman is looking through night-vision goggles off a rooftop. His arm is steel bleeding.
    BATMAN1: Not really. I was sloppy; the boy could have been killed.
    ORACLE1: Yeah, well… how’s your arm.
    BATMAN2: I’ve been hit by worse.
    ORACLE2: Heh, I’m quite certain you have. Still, you shouldn’t leave it like that.

    The Batman takes down the goggles and looks at his arm.
    BATMAN1: Alfred will stitch it up when I get home. For now, I’ve got to make sure the boy’s safe.
    ORACLE1: Why not just stay there then.
    BATMAN2: You know I don’t like talking with the police.

    The Batman stands up and we watch down as the police cars gather in front of the building.
    ORACLE1: I’ve noticed.
    BATMAN1: Here we go.
    ORACLE2: Yeah, you going to follow them now, Mr. Over-Protective?
    BATMAN2: Yes.
    ORACLE3: Oh…

    An extreme close-up of the Batman symbol,
    BATMAN1: Don’t worry,
    BATMAN2: I’ll be home soon.

    PAGE 10
    An ambulance driving towards us in the dark night.

    PANEL 2
    A close up of the driver, a young man, maybe in his late 20’s.

    PANEL 3
    The back of the ambulance, the Joker is chained down on a table. Two doctors sit beside him. The Joker is laughing.
    DOCTOR,A1: You try to settle this maniac down! I swear, he’s like a freaking animal.
    DOCTOR,B1: He is.

    A close up of the Joker laughing his head off.
    DOCTOR,A1: For god sake’s just put the bastard to sleep.

    A close up of a needle.
    DOCTOR,B1: Right.

    A back shot of the ambulance speeding away while the Joker is laughing.

    So, what did u guys thing.

    Hope you liked it.

    See you soon ( I hope)

  2. The Spider-Bat Registered

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    I was hopping I woudn't have to do this but,:


    *that felt good*
  3. The Last Meatbag Registered

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    its alright but isn't it basically the story of Hartigan but with a boy instead of Nancy, the Joker instead of Rourke and Batman instead of Hartigan?
  4. The Spider-Bat Registered

    Jun 5, 2005
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    In a way I guess, the opening of Sin City did inspire me. But do not worry, the story is not related to sin city in anyway.
  5. Sentinel X optical illusion

    Apr 30, 2005
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    I liked it, I dont really think it was like Sin City...big deal, so a kids taken hostage.Maybe I just have to read Sin City again...good job anyway :up:

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