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Airwolf or Blue-Thunder?


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Mar 11, 2007
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I hope some of you remember those shows, both were potentially good. In any case, what would you say was better in ever way, Airwolf or Blue-Thunder? I don't mean the tv-series, just the helicopters.

My vote is for Airwolf as it is obvious from my name.:woot:
I always thought Blue Thunder looked more intimidating than Airwolf, but I think Airwolf had more weaponry than Blue Thunder. As for the tv shows, I was a bigger fan of Blue Thunder.
i vaguely remember the blue thunder tv show. but the BT MOVIE now that was bad ass i highly recommend it :woot: . as for airwolf, i prefer 'the lady' over blue thunder it looks quicker and like was said earlier more armed. plus i like the look of airwolf over blue thunder.


besides, airwolf had the cooler opening credits and theme song :hehe:
Airwolf was cooler just because of the theme music
^^ Oh yes I forgot to mention, the theme music was and is just awesome. I like orchestral versions of season 1. the stories were way better than that of Blue-Thunder.

Ernest Borgnine is the man.

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