Alex Garland Directional Debut "Ex Machina"

i really liked the trailer, looking forward to this

I'm disappointed that this doesn't come out until April here in the States.
directing and cinematography looks amazing
I'm hyped for this! My friend already saw this and loved it. He was right about Birdman and Whiplash. I trust him.
Having seen the trailers and clips I just have a feeling this is going to be one of those films where at the end of the year you are left wondering if it was released closer to oscar season would it have award nods. Of course it might not be that good, but so far everything looks amazing and ever since seeing the first trailer it has been number 3 most anticipated for me behind Star Wars and Avengers.
Isaac's character 'Nathan' sounds really interesting though.

Garland: “What’s happened to Nathan is what happens when we don’t interact with people. And he’s interacted with machines that are of his own invention.”

I can't post the link with the full interview because there are curse words used, but if you search for 'Alex Garland Guardian' on Google or wherever it should come up.
Tempted to go and see this, looks right up my street. A "British Bladerunner" rather than a IRobot action flick sort of vibe to it. Plus the added bonus of seeing Oscar Isaac do his thing in prep for Star Wars and Apocolypse.
That's 3 positive reviews I've read so far.

Cineworld is doing previews next Wednesday and Thursday so hopefully I'll get to see it on one of those days.
How come Variety and THR haven't given it a score, they count as fresh though on RT
Early on I saw people commenting and predicting that Domhnall Gleeson is also a robot.

Oddly enough he plays a lifelike robot in a season 2 episode of the Black Mirror. Its on netflix, highly recommended.
i think the trailer spoils it. maybe its edited like that on puporse to hide something else.

i i hope i get this movie before march or april
The more I see of TV spots etc, the more I think of it as an updated and darker version of Weird Science. :hehe:
Good film, moments of greatness along with some humor and interesting concepts.

Great performances all round as well, Vikander is mesmeric as Ava.


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