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an army of batmen!!


Jul 26, 2004
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again!pursuing my idea of an army of batmen, I propose U something: to constitute a whole panorama of all the batmen existing according to each penciller, director, cartoonist!
here's the game :
find the name of the precedent post and then post your pic of someone's batman from feet (or knee at least) to head, clear and visible, and illustrating the style of the penciller.If the penciller has changed style , U can post the same guy twice ( since the batman is not the same!).
-just put the name of the penciller.
-just put the name of the cartoonist designer.
-but put the name of the director AND the designer of the movie.
I begin easy :


Make sure u get the spelling right!
Robin91939 said:
I dont know who drew this one but it looks really cool :up:
Hmmm....I wanna say the Hindelbrandt Bros.? SP? German spellings are difficult to remember. Let's see, first names...one's Greg and the other escapes me. One pencils and the other paints. May not be them, but definitely mimics their style if it's not. They love dynamic perspective and multiple colored light sources.

-- END!
Robin91939 said:
Who drew this one?

Mike mignola.
and this one?(director AND prod. designer's names.)

Directed By:
Time Burton

Production Designed by:
Bo Welch

yep!I just made me think that it was not Bob Ringwood.my mistake.post a pic now buddy!
I wasn't sure 4 N.Adams.when I began this game I though " yeah easy 4 most of it....." and finally I was already lost since the Klaus Janson's pic!!!

mafia lord falcone, it's your turn to post a batman (from knee(or feet) to head)

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