Anthony Mackie is Captain America

Aug 19, 2004
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I would have preferred if we saw his transformation as Captain America in a film, instead in a streaming series but okay. A Captain America that flies sounds cool.
It's gonna be interesting to see what Captain America is up to at the beginning of the film.
Unlike Steve, Sam doesn't really have support and we already see he's struggling with money.

Steve was backed up during all his time as Captain America. In The First Avenger, by the government and the army. In The Avengers, by SHIELD. In The Winter Soldier, by both SHIELD and the government. In Age of Ultron and Civil War, by the Avengers as a private organization/Stark Industries. Arguably he's not Captain America during his time as fugitive. Then during the blip he's living at the Avengers HQ so could be that Tony is still paying his expenses even though they weren't in the best terms.

Sam, well, has none of that. The government was against him for racial issues since day one. There's no Avengers for now. Seems the only hero Stark Industries was supporting after Endgame was Spider-Man and that is over. He kinda had the support of Wakanda, and that was before Queen Ramonda died. We don't know M'Baku's/Shuri's thoughts on him (doubtfully negative since he's friends with the White Wolf).

So, for now, I'm not sure what's the difference between him and a vigilante (besides the high tech suit).

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