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Anubis' Greats of Comic Art (Image & Indie Edition)

Invincible, Hulk, Superman by Ryan Ottley
Ryan Ottley Draws Invincible and therefor I'd say this was more of an Anubis' Greats of Comic Art (Image & Indie Edition) pic.
Judge Dredd v The World by Greg Staples

Judge Anderson by Garry Leach

Darth Vader By Ryan Benjamin

Red Sonja by Darwyn Cooke
Boba Fett by Skottie Young

Disney Star Wars by Michel Nadorp

Go Go Clone Troopers by Bobby Rubio

Red Sonja by Pasquale Qualano
Red Sonja by Adriano Batista

HellGirl by Christopher Foulkes

Scary Godmother by Jill Thompson

Red Sonja by Eric Canete
Mega Man Tribute by Udon

Alien by David Millgate

Cheetara by Talent Caldwell

Darth Vader by Joe Coronney
Lion-O by Stuart Sayger

Mumm-Ra by Josh Medors

Usagi Yojimbo by Stan Sakai

Pitt by Dale Keown
Ripclaw by David Finch

Spy vs Spy The Next Generation by Jim Lee

Space Ghost by Dennis Casarine

Shi by Brad Chavarria
The Black One is holding the gun wrong :huh:

Please, please, please tell me that is just fan art or Hellboy as a chick and not an actual character!

Hellgirl is just fan art, and it looks like the yellow ranger is about to shoot the black ranger in the nuts for holding his gun wrong.
Pegasus by Jim Lee

Boba Fett by Mike Lilly

Creature From the Black Lagoon by Bernie Wrightson

Harry Potter by Brian Kong
Red Sonja by Giuseppe Camuncoli

Xena by Matt Haley

Chun Li by Andrew Hou

Homer Simpson by Andrew Hou
Kakashi by Andrew Hou

Sanji vs Smoker by Andrew Hou

Vampirella by Johnny Desjardins
Conan, Thor by Jose Luis

Godzilla by Phil Hester

Naruto by Freddie Williams ll

Batman Vs. Witchblade by Marat Mychaels
Bumblebee by Harvey Tolibao

Babydoll by Eric Basaldua

Solar by Joe Quesada

Rocketeer by Nathan Morris
Red Sonja by Jay Anacleto

Angela by Bill Sienkiewicz

Red Sonja by J. Scott Campbell

Red Sonja by Tony Parker
Space Boy by Stephanie Gladden

Vampirella by Simone Bianchi

BabyDoll by Pasqulae Qualano

Karate Kid vs. Magnus, Robot Fighter by Bill Reinhold
Ursula by Andres Labrada

He-Man by Darryl Banks

Hellboy by Gabrielle Dell'otto

Lucrezia by Nik Guerra
Lady Death, Vampirella by Brent Peeples

Dalek by Chris Achilleos

Chun Li By Stanley Lau

Grimlock by Marcelo Matere

Hellboy by Gabriele Dell'Otto

Godzilla by Chris Samnee
Kevin O'Neil




Haven't looked through most of this thread so hopefully these aren't duplicates.

Ryan Ottley










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