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Any software/ websites that can identify pictures for you?

Dark Raven

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Apr 2, 2010
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Are there any types of software or websites that can identify random pictures on the internet for you and tell you either who the person is (if well known) or whether there are other similar pictures of that person or thing, or whether it matches with someone else? I'm guessing it would have to be something a bit similar to AFIS or these other databases that are used in CSI to match things. Or perhaps a bit like those ones where you upload a pic of yourself or someone else and it tells you whether it looks like a celebrity.
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^^^Exactly. It's called Google reverse image search. Instead of clicking the magnifying glass, you click the camera and upload the pic, then it returns info on it.
Ok thanks. I didn't know that Google images could actually do that. I just thought you had to know the name of the image you were looking for before entering it in a search engine. Is that something quite recent?
Well is there any similar search engine or software for music? I know there is Shazam and the like, but they have to be the exact version of the piece stored in their database otherwise it can't match anything. If you just know a tune but don't have a copy of it (if you did, you would probably know who it is by), is there something where, if you played it on a keyboard and uploaded the melody, it could identify it for you?
That looks like it could work. Thanks. Now I just can't remember the tune I was going to try to look up. :hehe:
Ok, well that midomi site still seems to rely heavily on songs actually in the database. I tried it out with a few well known tunes and it didn't recognise them.
I'm sure there's more. I Googled "music identifier" and that was the first one to even come up before I finished typing. Check and see what else is out there...

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