Apartment Computer Troubles.


Dec 5, 2007
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I have to use my phone so please forgive any mistakes.

Here is my story. Anyone who can help will be my hero.

I want to be an animator. After a year of gather funds I finally was able to purchase all the tools I needed. Roughly around $1000. I got a laptop that was a few years old and used it while I lived at home for around 6 months. No problems at all.

I move out into an apartment. After about 2 days I unplug the laptop to clean the screen. Upon hooking everything back up -I use external monitor...speakers..etc - the laptop would not boot. Something about the bios and upon getting it checked out it could be various problems including the mother moard. Very upsetting as I finally set up a mini studio in my room. I bite the bullet and bought a new computer from wal mart.

After finding out the computer I purchased was completely stripped on the inside and going through the process of getting it exchanged all was finally looking up. This cost roughly $600.

I completed my first animation. All was well for about 3 months. Then about a month ago I come home from a normal day at work. My computer will not turn on. I investigate and see that my modem is off as well. I check the plugs..plugging in lamps and such. Everything works. Except for the modem and computer.

There was a very small storm the night before. Very small. However I'm aware how stupid it was to not have a surge protector.

Here is where my main worry comes in. Even though I didn't have a surge protector the wiring in my apartment is....not the best. Some plugs I can't even plug things into. My microwave quite working and I thought it was the product after moving it I found out the plug in just stopped working. So I went to talk to the apartment manager and she just started hyelling at me telling me since my modem was off it was cox cable that fried my computer. She obviously doesn't know what she's talking about.

I'm finally at the point to get ANOTHER computer since apparently a new power supply didn't help. I can put in a work order for the apartment tp check out the plugs...but I honestly don't the the apt "electrician" knows what he's doing either. So is there anything I can do to protect myself? Here are my action notes.

Purchase the best warranty with the computer.
Always use a power supply.
Unplug the computer when I'm not using it.
At least have the apt check out the plugs.

Any other suggestions. I don't think I can afford to do this again. Also I could move the computer to another plug in from last time they all kinda suck. Anyone with any info would really make my day. Thanks guys. SHH is always the best.
Ill also have to pay a crap load to get a hard drive dump for all my animation files in progress from the old comp. Ugh....
I would also purchase a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply), it will function as the surge protector and "clean" the electric signal. UPS will also help with brown outs and power failures, even with laptops. Some UPS are relatively inexpensive costing less then $50.00 and have other outlets for cable or telephone lines. I hope your able to recover your files!
I'd say: always use a GOOD surge protector and backup your work frequently. With a good surge protector, you won't have to unplug when not using it.

It's always a good idea to have the electrical wiring fixed. Insist on proper grounding.

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