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Apocalypse Now Redux


Mar 9, 2008
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So I have to watch AN for one of my classes and I got the Redux DVD that has two versions. Does the Redux offer anything significant or can I get all of the necessary story info from the original cut?
Redux is basically the original cut of the film but was trimmed down because it was too long and Coppola believed it was too surreal.

I'd say watch the the theatrical cut first. You'll get all story in it without having to deal with the slower pace and stuff that (in my opinion) doesn't really matter.

If you enjoy that, later you can watch the Redux...it's not bad I just don't think it's better than the original.
Redux has two major set pieces added back in, plus a lot of little scenes sprinkled throughout. Personally I loved all the little things spread throughout (The extra surfboard stuff. The articles at the compound.) but the two major scenes slow the film down to a crawl.
i dont mind the extra length of the redux. i love it. it'd be my suggestion to watch that one. its quite long, but it kept my attention.

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