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Jul 3, 2003
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Now, I'm fully aware of how the value of some figures increases greatly over a long period of time. And if I had any rare figures, I certainly wouldn't open them.

But I've been working on a collection lately, I've had high hopes of turning into a really nice display.

However, I have been strongly advised not to open my Marvel Legends and Spawn figures from now because they are going to be rather valuable in say 40-50 years. Like they would be a really good investment.

I've been giving both ideas strong consideration, and I have decided if I should for the display, or store the figures away for a few decades and potentially profit from them later in life.

My question is, will ML, DC & Spawn figures really be that valuable in the future, or is it okay for me to go ahead and make a display once I've built my collection?
My thinking is, lets say they are going to be worth something in 50 years, which seems like it would be wrong, considering the fact that they're so mass-produced. Even if they are worth a lot of money, you'll be 80. What good are they gonna go ya? You'll be able to pay for your arthritis medicine, big whoop. Why not enjoy them now? In my opinion sentimental value is more important than monetary value.:up:
Toys of today can't hold the value of toys from when our parents and for some on here grandparents had. They weren't massed produced like todays numbers are and even if they were they were eventually recycled or just thrown out. Nowadays nobody throws out toys becuase they all think they will be valuable. So if 20 million people have Marvel legend Spider-Man in 50 years, he isn't going to be worth squat. Rip them open and enjoys them.
Same as above. They're freakin' toys, for crying out loud. Have fun with them.
If you want to invest your money buy stocks and bonds, not action figures. They're way too cool to keep in the package anyway, they'll look much better sitting on a shelf. I say rip 'em open.
No, especially something that is produced by Toybiz, remember, Toybiz is a king of kings when it comes to repacking and re-releasing the same old figure over and over again, which drives the value down, alot. In addition to that, everybody and there grandmother collects MOC now, so fiddy years from now there will be plenty of unopened figures floating around from all different lines, McFarlane, Legends, Hasbro etc..etc...

But if you are looking to make a quick buck, do not open them and just sell them off on ebay when they are no longer available at retail.
I think I'll sell my Gambit and try and get the X-men box set that includes him.
Personally I enjoy opening my figures.. I love the smell, and it's so good to just hold them... Weird, huh?
I open my figs and I enjoy posing them in cool poses
The only reason toys of the past were worth any money is because nobody kept them in the would open them and play with them, then they'd most of the time get thrown out.

Nowadays, everyone keeps stuff in the package, and in the case of Marvel Legends especially, most figures are mass-produced.

Because of this, ML won't be worth anything in the future. There's just so many of them made and so many people keep them MOC that they won't be worth anything.
WOW that sounds exactly like what I said 4 days ago
i am always thinking if i should open them or not. having toys worth money is nice but most of the time i open them. yeah i love the smell too. variants an chase figures howver i tend to leave in the package. any thoughts on variants and chase toys? worth keeping boxed. ex- red skull, goliath, angel, cyclops etc.
well id say the hard to find ones would be worth sumthing, like an un-opened juggernaut goes for a decent amount atm
haha, hey opening figs rocks.. the smell kinda becomes senonymous with opening figs = happiness :) lol so it is easy to like the smell.

as for marvel legends being worth opening? YES.. open the damn things. Most arn't worth much more then what you paid. Now if you have Toad, Dark Phoenix, Phasing Ghostrider, Variant Psylocke, Variant luke cage, Ditko/gold Ironman, ML3 maskless wolverine, ML 5 redskull... those are the ones most likely you shouldnt open.. those go for the most, but out of all of those.. the (other then psylock, luke cage and wolverine... cuz i don't have) only fig i havent opened was dark phoenix.. just because im not sure what i wanna do with her yet (i dont want to display phoenix and DP next to eachother
Opening them is better,.....With the way figures are today it's not worth keeping them the 70s sure MOC would have been a great thing to do, but today there are so many folks that think like that that in 30 years there will be so many more MLs MOC so it's not worth it. Get your ten bucks worth and Play with them.
or you could be like me and have a set to open and a set to keep mint. though really, if you're holding on to the figs for money value, don't. Cause think of it like this, sure some might go up in value such as juggernaut etc and some of the rarer ones. But a lot of them drop in value and arn't worth crap, not even what you paid for. I've seen even variants go for less than store value.
I love when I year old thread just popps back up by a bump from some guy on his first post
but why are we giving this guy who is banned advice, espeically when this thread is freaking old.
Dude....Bathrat was awesome...he's still here....Bathrat begins.....just not in products
Ten years later marvel legends toad which warmed shelves at times and was $6.50 is now $100 bucks.

95 percent of all other figs doubled and tripled in value, some went up to over 10 and 20 times the value.

Keep your toys children, keep them in a safe place

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