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sure sure, as long as i can write i am ok without internet.

are you old enough to remember before the internet became a household item?
We read more books :D

Do you remember using windows 95?
Nope :D

Do you ever look in the mirror and say I am a godddd? :D
lol no, I look in the mirror when I wake up and say how did my hear get all scruffy

Do you ever spend more than 10min in front of a mirror?
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No, don't think I ever have. Well only one time, the first time i put on contacts.

Are you a part of the system?
Hot chocolate

What cold drink is good for a hot day?
I love hats but I wear them only at the beach.

Do you think girls look nice wearing caps?
yea most of the time

did you like the movie The Last Samurai?
Yes, I think its a quite overlooked movie, definitely one of Cruise's better films

Do you like watch asian martial art type movies?
Once Upon a Time in China

What's your favourite 80's action movie?
ahhh its so hard to think of one favorite but all i can think of is Die Hard

what about you
Probanly Die Hard too

What is your favourite Epic movie?
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