At long last - Bill Duke reveals


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Jul 1, 2003
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.. that he is indeed playing Bolivar Trask! YES!!!!
Taken from Dark Horizons ( :

"Bill Duke ("Commando", "Predator") talked about his role in the upcoming "X-Men" sequel to Blackfilm and revealed some surprising new details:

Question: What role do you play in "X-Men: The Last Stand"?

Bill Duke: General Trask is the head of Homeland Security. He's the President's right hand man and he has the responsibility of advising the president in terms of everything, every action.

Question: Is that General Trask different from what's in the comic books because Bolivar Trask is the creator of the Sentinels?

Bill Duke: I think to a certain extent, the character is. I hadn't read all of the comic books. As a matter of fact, I hadn't read the script that we shot. We weren't allowed to do that. All you read was the scene that you had and you never saw the script at all.

Question: Having directed films yourself, can you compare/contrast the shooting styles of Singer's and Ratner's versions of the film?

Bill Duke: I've never worked with Bryan Singer so I can't answer that question truthfully. I can tell you that Brett Ratner is a perfectionist, a detailed person down to the finest possible turn of the page; and as a result, I think he has the ability to work with actors which most directors don't. In fact, when you're moving around, he tells you what's happening before and what's happening after and then you talk about the execution of your part in terms of the character that both you and he creates

Question: Are you signed for a sequel, if the franchise continues?

Bill Duke: No, but verbally, I've been told that if things go well, there's some interest in me continuing in the process of the character
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