Augusta admits first two female members in history

You just know that there are going to be a few old, set-in-their-ways guys that are gonna be real ******** about this.
I knew that it would happen sooner or later.
As a lifelong Augusta resident and multiple time Masters Tournament attendee, I have seen a bit of "changing of the guard" in recent years. About 10 years ago, they swore that they would never give their seal of approval to a video game. Now, EA's Tiger Woods golf game features their course.
They have also attempted to get young people more excited about golf by offering 1 free child's ticket with an adult ticket to the tournament.
They also have an interactive museum that seems to cater to young people as well.

Anyways, more progressive thinking in a lot of ways from the ANGC.
Glad to see fellow USC alum Darla Moore as one of the first two women. Congrats!
Although I'm indifferent towards anything golf related, it's good that there is progress being made.
Hooray! Now rich, powerful women can belong to an elitist golf club with rich, powerful men. Let's keep solving these first world problems!

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