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Background/Matte Request


Oct 4, 2003
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I’ve been working on a Star Wars fan film for some time called Star Wars Tales (you can find more about it here. I'm looking for someone who could help me very much in making a background for me. It can either be artwork, CGI, photoshop, manip, whatever, but I'd like it to look as realistic as possible. For the beginning of the film I’m planning on having an impressive montage that takes the viewer through some of the unique aspects of the Star Wars universe, ending with a battle scene. I’m trying to make it look really good not just because I do that for all my scenes but because this is probably the most important part, for it’ll suck the viewers in (or at least attempt to). Why I’m writing is because I need a background for a battle scene. Here’s what I’m looking for- it’s supposed to take place on this one planet shown in the Clone Wars cartoon. You can see some of the architecture here (it kind of starts around 1:40). It’s supposed to be the homeworld of the Banking Clan, so all the architecture was inspired by banks, which are all Grecian in design. I would like the background to be buildings of that type, but completely in ruins. It’s supposed to be battle-ravaged in my film and I’d like to convey that. Almost post-apocalyptic, but not to the extent of the Terminator movies. If you’ve been watching the show Heroes I’m thinking of something like the ravaged Future New York they show now-and-then. I'd like just the ruined buildings, nothing else, and I'd like it to be from the POV of the soldiers (so only 4-5 stories represented). That and I’d like it to be pretty dark. That’s just a basic description; I can give you a better one if you need it.

I can accept payment, but my budget isn't all-that-big. Please PM me before beginning work. Thanks again to all who help.

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