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I'm not sure if a thread such as this has been started by someone else or not. I didn't see it, so I apologize if this has been covered already.

I'm curious as to which Batman soundtrack you liked the most, if you guys listen to that sort of thing. I'm kinda obssessed with them, so I went out and bought the first soundtrack that came out. I kinda liked it. I've also listened to some other Batman soundtracks online on Napsterlinks. I don't think they're really that good.

Anyway, which Batman soundtrack do you guys like?

Batman: Original Motion Picture Score by Batman: Original Motion Picture Score/Danny Elfman
I like the Batman Returns soundtrack the best. It's very dark and creepy. And "Face To Face" by Souxie & The Banshees is much more in tone than the Prince songs.
Oh, well if I were to choose a Song soundtrack I'd pick the Batman Forever sountrack because it has the awesome U2 song on it.
i like em all, but my faves are the prince one and the score from the first one. i like the BR score. the BF and B&R sdtks. are alright--they each have good songs but are not good all the way through.
I absolutely love the Elfman score, but dramatically, the Begins score just hits all the right notes (pun intended).

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