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Synopsis for an upcoming episode:

Menace Of The Madniks!
Booster Gold misses his late best bud, Blue Beetle, but when he travels back in time to hang with him, he throws
the present into chaos and Batman must travel back with him to fix the mistakes and get one last adventure in
with the hero before he passes on.

Craploads of new info:
1966s Manga Batman will appear?!?!?!!? I love this show!
Thanks guys this info is much appreciated. Quite looking forward to the final episodes.
I'm seriously pumped for this show's take on the JLI. The roster sounds solid, and the fact that they are doing an arc for it sounds promising.
More episode descriptions! These ones are from upcoming episodes airing in Cartoon Network Pakistan:

The Criss Cross Conspiracy: The long-retired Batwoman sees an opportunity for revenge against the villain who humiliated her: the Riddler.

Plague of the Prototypes: When Batman is on call, Gotham is kept safe by his squad of trusty Bat-Robots, but when Black Mask reprograms the unstoppable soldiers.

Cry Freedom Fighters: The alien's numbers prove overwhelming and it falls on Plastic Man to find the patriotism within to stop them.
KNIGHTS of TOMORROW is looking good.
Except for one(Plague of the Prototypes), the Bat-Family/Villians type episodes have been FABS.
Wikipedia and IMDB are saying the 23rd episode is titled [BLACKOUT]Darkseid Descending![/BLACKOUT]
Wikipedia and IMDB are saying the 23rd episode is titled [BLACKOUT]Darkseid Descending![/BLACKOUT]

This is true, except that it is the 24th, not 23. That's the JLI episode as well.

The 25th and 26th episodes are
"Bat-Mite Presents: Batman's Greatest Cases!" and "The Malicious Mr. Mind!"
The knights of tommorrow episode was pretty good. I wish they would have added Batman Beyond somewhere in there, but it was a good play on the current comics.
Everyone catch.....

Superman at the wedding???
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How awesome was that episode? My favorite of the whole season, arguably the whole show.
GREAT ep...might be the best of the series...echoes of whats happening right now in the comics. So I guess this will be the future of the Batman franchise? Interesting....
Everyone catch.....

Superman at the wedding???

I think Green Arrow was there, too.

I liked the episode, especially the cameos of Professor Pyg, Flamingo, and the Mutants, but I was disappointed with Damian's portrayal. I expected his attitude toned down, but it didn't feel like him at all.
Supes was at the funeral too...Damian seemed to be a toned down version..I liked him, and was rooting for him during the ep...
I was expecting Damian to be a little more aggressive too, not a brat but just a little more forceful. Like during the fight a little more non stop with his attacks. And I was hoping for his costume from the comics at the end, from the Damian Batman comics. Or some sort of hint at Batman Beyond or the Dark Knight Returns or something. (Also wanted Knightwing's costume to have those short gloves he wears in the comics.)
And this was our first appearance of Alfred in the show, and I am not sure but I think we also saw Gordon at the wedding.

But... is this the final episode of the entire show? I heard it was getting canceled along with Spectacular Spider-Man and Wolverine and the X-Men, but it had a few last episodes before it left. I hope this wasn't the last one, or that the show is NOT canceled.
You guys reaslise that Damian's name was just a reference, not an actual incarnation of the character right? His character has far more influence from the Batman Jr storyline ages back when Catwoman and Bruce had a son together who grew up to be Batman. The name was just a neat reference.

Anyway fantastic episode, and a cool way to introduce Alfred. I loved Selina's bit too.
When I saw the club of villains I almost collapsed at the sheer awesomeness. I am soooooo going to miss this show when it's all said and done.
I was hoping Damien would grow up to wear the Batman Beyond costume in the future. :csad:
I wanted to see Damian in his comic Batman costume, but it was a minor qualm.

[blackout]Loved how it was all Alfred's story.[/blackout]
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