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Batman Vs Hulk on YouTube


May 21, 2013
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I posted a new one minute short on YouTube late last week and would love for you guys to check out. Had fun creating this one and only took me one weekend to complete. DD Vs Bullseye is next on my list. Hoping to do a Cap and FF origin based on the classic Lee/Kirby story down the line. Other faves on my list include Rocketeer, Heroes for Hire, Namor, Omac ...

So if reception is good, then more to come. I am 100 percent committed to my other personal project and will try to get new one minute shorts on popular characters in due time. Have a great week, guys.

Great short. I really love the style as well, the unfinished quality is charming and works surprisingly well.

Is this the style you want to keep or is this preliminary work for a fully animated show?

Hope it all goes well for you. I'd love to see an animated version of Punisher vs Eminem... you could actually make that into the comedy it should have been.
Awesome work, Reminded me of.... Loki vs Hulk when Hulk was smashing and Loki laying there! Part 2 plz!

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