Best Actor and Actress for Ant Man and Wasp

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Aug 1, 2012
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With the Ant Man movie confirmed for November 2015 purposly after Avengers 2, it is set to mark as the start of Phase Three.

Now looking forward to the characters Ant Man and Wasp, no one has announced the people to play them yet. But just because SHIELD founded the Avengers and with the Chitauri from Ultimate Avengers appeared as enemies doesn't mean the films are Ultimate Based and neither are the characters. Now recently Nathan Fillion and Eva Longoria were rumored to play the lovely insect couple but Fillion pulled out and Eva wouldn't be considered for the female lead either. These are the two people that would portray the two characters best in the film.

Ryan Gosling(Gangsta Squad) as Hank Pym


Now some of you may not be familiar with the actor but if any of you are above the age of 17, then you would recognise him from Gangsta Squad. Plus with Hank having blond hair and young looking Gosling is so far the best candadite to portray the character. Even thought the filming is taking place in Englund it doesn't mean that the character has to look or sound British. And as for rumored actors like Alan Tudyk and Adrien Brody or anyone else rumored for the character on the Screenrant site, none of them would fit the depicition of the character so Ryan Gosling is the best actor specified for the role. No excuses.

Anne Hathaway (Dark Knight Rises) as Wasp


Now after some character speculation, Anne Hathaway resembles Janet Van Dyne from the hit series Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes with her pale skin, beautiful eyes and auburn hair (when you rework it a bit into the character's hair style). Hathaway also performed very good as Catwoman in Dark Knight Rises taking out Bane and some of his mercenaries so there is no reason on denying her at all. Anne Hathaway is the best person to play the Wasp in the MCU, so no arguments or excuses. If you demand the character to be Asian instead of American from the mainstream then it is obvious that you people are making things difficult just by being outrightfully stiff in the head. So watch Avengers EMH and Dark Knight Rises and you will understand why Anne Hathaway deserves the role of Janet Van Dyne.

Be sure to have Edgar Wright and Joss Wheaton cast these two people for the superhero couple before further announcements on the film are made.
i don't see the resemblance between the photos you posted and the their animated looks. that cartoon pym looks more like Josh Duhamel than Ryan Gosling. and cartoon Jan looks like Anna Kendrick.
we have a casting thread for Antman and Wasp
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